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Albertarelli, Spartaco and Fraternali, Piero and Herrera, Sergio and Melenhorst, Mark and Novak, Jasminko and Pasini, Chiara and Rizzoli, Andrea Emilio and Rottondi, Cristina (2018) A Survey on the Design of Gamified Systems for Energy and Water Sustainability. Games, 9 (38). pp. 1-34.

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Botturi, Luca and Fioroni, Tiffany and Beretta, Chiara and Andreoletti, Davide and Ferrari, Alessandro and Cardoso, Felipe and Giordano Cremonese, Silvia and Picco-Schwendener, Anna and Marazza, Suzanna (2023) The iBuddy experience. A digital simulation-based approach to enhance secondary school students’ privacy awareness. Educational Technology Research and Development. ISSN 1556-6501

Brocco, Amos (2014) Ad Hoc Nanogrid Testbed with Support for On Demand Provisioning. Technical Report UNSPECIFIED

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Feo Flushing, Eduardo and Gambardella, Luca Maria and Di Caro, Gianni (2013) Strategic Control of Proximity Relationships in Heterogeneous Search and Rescue Teams. In: 3rd IROS Workshop on Robots and Sensors integration in future rescue INformation system (ROSIN), November 7, 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

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Strepparava, Davide and Nespoli, Lorenzo and Rosato, Federico (2018) Rapporto progetto OpTIStore. Project Report UNSPECIFIED


Truong Xuan, Luan and Mamoru, Shibayama and Cannata, Massimiliano and Ngo Hung, Long (2016) Area informatics and trigrs model for study shallowlandslide vulnerability assessment. A case study in Bavi area, Hanoi region, Vietnam. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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