Living the innovation space without pre-existing relationships

Bernardi, Chiara and Boffi, Marta and Snehota, Ivan (2012) Living the innovation space without pre-existing relationships. IMP Journal, 6 (1). pp. 69-84. ISSN 0809-7259

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Based on empirical evidence, this study aims to investigate the innovation phenomenon adopting a network approach. The case study regards the development of an innovation for the retail businesses that emerged in a network formed by actors without pre-existing relationships. The lack of pre-existing business relationships has important consequences on the configuration of the innovation space, defined as the web of actors interacting on the innovation. Instability and uncontrollability characterize the innovation space, and the glue of the network appears to be the actual and future benefits perceived by actors involved. The study builds on the analysis of the relevant literature on innovation, network and relationships and on an empirical study of the development of a particular innovation that shows the dynamic of the web of actors and of the innovation concept. We conclude discussing how actors live in the innovation space without pre-existing relationships.

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