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Aceti, Monica and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Pedrazzani, Carla Ambrogina and Schweighoffer, Reka and Kim, Soo Yeon and Baroutsou, Vasiliki and Katapodi, Maria and Kim, Sue (2024) Modes of responsibility in disclosing cancer genetic test results to relatives: an analysis of Swiss and Korean narrative data. Patient Education and Counseling. ISSN 0738-3991 (In Press)


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Cellina, Francesca and Fraternali, Piero and Herrera Gonzalez, Sergio Luis and Novak, Jasminko and Gui, Marco and Rizzoli, Andrea Emilio (2024) Significant but transient: The impact of an energy saving app targeting Swiss households. Applied Energy, 355 (122280). ISSN 0306-2619

Cuomo, Maurizio and König, Roger and Zanardini, Elisabetta and Di Guardo, Antonio and Terzaghi, Elisa and Kolvenbach, Boris and Demaria, Francesca and Corvini, Philippe and Principi, Pamela (2024) Investigation of biologically active zeolite: Role of colonization in the removal of 14 C-labelled sulfamethoxazole in wastewater. Journal of Water Process Engineering.

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Elliott, Jack and Francetic, Igor and Meacock, Rachel and Sutton, Matt (2024) Do Informal Care Recipients Internalise Carer Burden? Examining the Impact of Informal Care Receipt on Health Behaviours. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy.


Fantozzi, Paolo and Rotondi, Valentina and Rizzolli, Matteo and Dalla Torre, Paola and Naldi, Maurizio (2024) Detecting Moral Features in TV Series with a Transformer Architecture through Dictionary-Based Word Embedding. Information, 15 (3).

Francetic, Igor and Meacock, Rachel and Sutton, Matt (2024) Free-for-all: Does crowding impact outcomes because hospital emergency departments do not prioritise effectively? Journal of Health Economics. (In Press)


Larenza, Ornella (2024) Coping with non-take-up of means-tested benefits: a qualitative longitudinal study on single parents’ life courses in French-speaking Switzerland. Zeitschrift für Sozialreform, 70 (1). pp. 79-99. ISSN 0514-2776


Morselli, D. and Gola, Giancarlo (2024) Editoriale Verso un modello ecologico di educazione alla sostenibilità. In: Morselli, D. and Gola, Giancarlo, (eds.) Verso un’educazione sostenibile. Ecosistemi di ricerca e di apprendimento. ZeroseiUp, Bergamo, pp. 9-16. ISBN 979-12-80549-37-2


Ozkalay, Ebrar and Valoti, Flavio and Caccivio, Mauro and Virtuani, Alessandro and Friesen, Gabi and Ballif, Christophe (2024) The effect of partial shading on the reliability of photovoltaic modules in the built-environment. EPJ Photovoltaics. ISSN 2105-0716


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Petrucci, Franck and Zanolla, Giovanna (2024) Disparités de genre dans l'attribution des notes en mathématiques et langue de scolarisation. Une analyse multiniveau dans l'enseignement primaire de deux cantons suisses. In: L´évaluation face aux défis de la diversité et de l'inclusion: entre normes et différenciations, 24, 25 et 26 janvier, Braga (Portugal).

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2024) Animali sociali non sempre socievoli. Il Mendrisiotto, XXVII (1). pp. 36-37.

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2024) La speranza dell'inclusione. Il Mendrisiotto, XXVII (3/4). pp. 44-45.

Pizarro, José Joaquim and Cakal, H. and Méndez, L. and Zumeta, L.N. and Gracia-Leiva, M. and Basabe, N. and Navarro-Carrillo, G. and Cazan, A.-M. and Keshavarzi, S. and López López, W. and Yahiiaiev, I. and Alzugaray-Ponce, C. and Villagrán, L. and Moyano-Díaz, E. and Petrovic, N. and Mathias, A. and Techio, E.M. and Wlodarzyck, A. and Alfaro-Beracochea, L. and Ibarra, M.L. and Michael, A. and Mhaskar, S. and Martínez-Zelaya, G. and Bilbao, M. and Delfino, G. and Carvalho, C.L. and Pinto, I.R. and Mohsin, F. and Espinosa, A. and Cueto, R.M. and Cavalli, Stefano and Da Costa, S. and Amutio, A. and Alfonso, I. and Páez, D. (2024) Sociopolitical consequences of COVID-19 in the Americas, Europe and Asia: A multilevel multicountry investigation of risk perceptions and support for antidemocratic practices. Political Psychology, 45 (2). pp. 407-433.

Pollicini, Lorenzo and Mazzucato, Federico and Valente, Anna (2024) Influence of SLM block support design on geometrical quality of AISI 316 l cantilever features and its impact on post-processing. Materials Research Express, 11 (1). ISSN 2053-1591

Pozzi, Christian and Staglianò, Andrea and Ballabio, Claudia and De Ponti, Chiara and Bartoli, Federica and Antolini, Laura and Ferrara, Maria Cristina and Morandi, Alessandro and Cavalli, Stefano and Gitlin, Laura N. and Bellelli, Giuseppe (2024) The 'Continu-A-mente' project: An interdisciplinary program to promote the continuity of care between hospital and community for people with dementia and their caregivers. Medical Research Archives, 12 (3).


Rocchetta, Roberto and Zhan, Zhouzhao and Dirk, Willem and Di Bucchianico, Alessandro (2024) Uncertainty analysis and interval prediction of LEDs lifetimes. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 242. p. 109715. ISSN 09518320

Rosato, Federico (2024) Grid-aware Stochastic Game modeling of residential electric flexibility under incentives. Energy Reports, 11. pp. 197-207. ISSN 23524847

Rubattu, Nicolò and Maroni, Gabriele and Corani, Giorgio (2024) Electricity Load and Peak Forecasting: Feature Engineering, Probabilistic LightGBM and Temporal Hierarchies. Advanced Analytics and Learning on Temporal Data, 8th ECML PKDD Workshop, AALTD 2023,. ISSN 0302-9743 (In Press)

Rüttimann, Angelika and Kästner, Lisa and Curreri, Nereide and Poncin, Emmanuelle and Corna, Laurie and Zúñiga, Franziska and Van Grootven, Bastiaan (2024) Current quality improvement practices in residential long-term care: a protocol for a mixed methods study. Zenodo.


Sahlfeld, Wolfgang (2024) Leggere a scuola in Svizzera italiana (e altre regioni periferiche) : un atto prevalentemente di educazione alla letteratura e ai modelli di « buona lingua » ? In: Semaine internationale de l'éducation - Lausanne 12-16 septembre 2022 - Livret des résumés Semaine internationale de l’éducation et de la formation (SIEF), 12-16 settembre 2022, Lausanne.

Sahlfeld, Wolfgang and Bosche, Anne (2024) Il disegno scolastico in Svizzera all'inzio del Novecento. In: Mazza, Adriana, (ed.) Tutti a scuola. Disegni di bambini ai tempi di Dada. Edizioni FCM, Lugano, pp. 69-85. ISBN 979-80443-07-06

Scapozza, Cristian and Ambrosi, Christian and Castelletti, Claudio and Cousseau, Florian and Ivy-Ochs, Susan and Bernoulli, Daniel (2024) The Standing Stone of Velmaio (Varese, North-Western Lombardy, Italy). From an Erratic Boulder to a Megalith? Open Quaternary, 10. ISSN 2055-298X

Suel, Esra and Xin, Yanan and Wiedemann, Nina and Nespoli, Lorenzo and Medici, Vasco and Danalet, Antonin and Raubal, Martin (2024) Vehicle-to-grid and car sharing: Willingness for flexibility in reservation times in Switzerland. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 126. p. 104014.


Uthaikhup, Sureeporn and Sremakaew, Munlika and Treleaven, Julia and Jull, Gwendolen and Barbero, Marco and Falla, Deborah and Cescon, Corrado (2024) Changes in Multiple Aspects of Pain Outcomes After Rehabilitation: Analysis of Pain Data in a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effects of Adding Sensorimotor Training to Manual Therapy and Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain. The Clinical Journal of Pain. ISSN 0749-8047


Vogel, Justus and Sapin, Maxime and Kuklinski, David and Walker, Carla and Mantwill, Sarah and Havranek, Michael and Sabariego, Carla and De Pietro, Carlo and Burgstaller, Jakob Martin and Peytremann Bridevaux, Isabelle and Geissler, Alexander (2024) Quality Monitoring and Public Reporting: Recommendations for the Swiss Healthcare System. Report Mandated by the Federal Quality Commission. Federal Quality Commission. Bern. Project Report Federal Quality Commission , Bern.


Watkinson, Ruth Elizabeth and Linfield, Aimee and Tielemans, Jack and Francetic, Igor and Munford, Luke (2024) Gender-related self-reported mental health inequalities in primary care in England: a cross-sectional analysis using the GP Patient Survey. The Lancet Public Health, 9 (2). e100-e108. ISSN 2468-2667


Zambon, Lorenzo and Agosto, Arianna and Giudici, Paolo and Corani, Giorgio (2024) Properties of the reconciled distributions for Gaussian and count forecasts. International Journal of Forecasting.

Zambon, Lorenzo and Agosto, Arianna and Giudici, Paolo and Corani, Giorgio (2024) Properties of the reconciled distributions for Gaussian and count forecasts. International Journal of Forecasting. (In Press)

Zambon, Lorenzo and Azzimonti, Dario and Corani, Giorgio (2024) Efficient probabilistic reconciliation of forecasts for real-valued and count time series. Statistics and Computing, 34 (1). ISSN 0960-3174 (In Press)

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