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Avilés, Gregorio (2023) Alloggi sostenibili: concetti, indicatori e fonti statistiche per l'identificazione delle economie domestiche nel bisogno. Extra Dati, XXIII (3). pp. 1-14.

Abboud, Amir and Grandoni, Fabrizio and Vassilevska Williams, Virginia (2023) Subcubic Equivalences between Graph Centrality Problems, APSP, and Diameter. ACM Transactions on Algorithms, 19 (1). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1549-6325

Adorni, Giorgia and Mangili, Francesca and Piatti, Alberto and Bonesana, Claudio and Antonucci, Alessandro (2023) Rubric-based learner modelling via noisy gates Bayesian networks for computational thinking skills assessment. Journal of Communications Software and System, 19 (1). pp. 52-64.

Agyemang-Benneh, Adwoa and Francetic, Igor and Hammond, Jonathan and Checkland, Katherine (2023) Evaluating primary care networks in low-income and lower middle-income countries: a scoping review. BMJ Global Health, 8 (8). e012505.

Alessandro, De Pedrini and Chantal, Del Siro and Christian, Ambrosi and Cristian, Scapozza (2023) Chronology and morpho-climatic history of large rock slope failures in the Southern Swiss Alps. In: XXI INQUA Congress 2023, 14-20.07.2023, Rome, Italy.

Alessandro, De Pedrini and Christian, Ambrosi and Andrea, Manconi (2023) A new landslide inventory map in the Southern Swiss Alps. In: XXI INQUA Congress, 14-20 July 2023, Rome.

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Amaddeo, Francesca (2023) Agency permanent establishment under the Italian-Swiss Convention against Double Taxation. Rivista di diritto tributario internazionale (1). pp. 249-276. ISSN 1824-1476

Amaddeo, Francesca (2023) Amaddeo Statement - “New EU Common System for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Tax Abuse in the Area of Withholding Taxes”. Discussion Paper UNSPECIFIED

Amaddeo, Francesca (2023) Le iniziative internazionali per il telelavoro nell’ambito della sicurezza sociale. Novità fiscali (9). pp. 547-549. ISSN 2235-4573

Amaddeo, Francesca (2023) Swiss Federal Council Opens Public Consultation on Federal Law Concerning Working from Home. European Taxation, 63 (10).

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Amaddeo, Francesca and Vorpe, Samuele and Molo, Giovanni (2023) L’imposizione degli istituti finanziari svizzeri in Italia e le conseguenze fiscali in Svizzera. Novit� Fiscali (4). pp. 229-263. ISSN 2235-4565

Amadò, Flavio and Brunone, Matteo (2023) Il nuovo diritto della società anonima. Novità fiscali. pp. 33-41. ISSN 2235-4573

Anicic, Nikoleta and Steigmiller, Klaus and Renaux, Claude and Ravasi, Damiana and Tanadini, Matteo and Flacio, Eleonora (2023) Optical recognition of the eggs of four Aedine mosquito species (Aedes albopictus, Aedes geniculatus, Aedes japonicus, and Aedes koreicus). PLoS ONE, 18 (11). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1932-6203

Avilés, Gregorio (2023) Presentation of a singular experience: the housing cooperative Viv'Insema. In: Transdisciplinary Forum: Act locally, change globally: social enterprises and cooperatives for more resilient economies and societies. From research to practice and back, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. (Unpublished)


Barnoy, S and Dagan, E and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Katapodi, M (2023) Privacy and utility of genetic testing among families with hereditary cancers living in three countries: The International Cascade Screening experience. Frontiers in Genetics, 14 (721).

Byrka, Jaroslaw and Grandoni, Fabrizio and Ameli, Afrouz Jabal (2023) Breaching the 2-Approximation Barrier for Connectivity Augmentation: A Reduction to Steiner Tree. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Blouin, Samuel and Gerson, Sheri Mila and Cavalli, Stefano (2023) L’assistance à mourir par-delà les frontières : l’influence de la circulation transnationale des personnes, des termes et des thèmes sur la construction d’un problème public. SociologieS. ISSN 1992-2655

Barbero, Marta (2023) Dinamicità del ragionamento a ritroso nei processi di spiegazione. Didattica Della Matematica. Dalla Ricerca Alle Pratiche d’aula, 13. pp. 9-33.

Barbero, Marta and Cascella, Clelia and Giberti, Chiara and Viale, Matteo (2023) Interpreting the gap between foreign and native speaker students in national standardised assessment. In: CERME 13 - 13th congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, 10.07.2023 - 14.07.2023, Budapest, Ungheria. (In Press)

Beretta Piccoli, Raffaele (2023) La scuola e la verità. Rivista svizzera di scienze dell'educazione, 45 (1). pp. 53-63. ISSN 14243946

Belliardi, Marco (2023) Come evitare "conflitti" quando si preleva il calore dalla profondità del terreno. Ticino Scienza.

Barbero, Marco and Cescon, Corrado and Schneebeli, Alessandro and Falla, Deborah and Landolfi, Giuseppe and Derboni, Marco and Giuffrida, Vincenzo and Rizzoli, Andrea Emilio and Maino, Paolo and Koetsier, Eva (2023) Reliability of the Pen-on-Paper Pain Drawing Analysis Using Different Scanning Procedures. The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2 (67). e129-e136.

Barbero, Marco and Evans, David and Symonds, Natasia and Peolsson, Anneli and Coppieters, Michel W. and Jull, Gwendolen and Löfgren, Håkan and Zsigmond, Peter and Falla, Deborah (2023) Determining the level of cervical radiculopathy: Agreement between visual inspection of pain drawings and magnetic resonance imaging. Pain Practice, 23 (1). pp. 32-40. ISSN 1530-7085

Barbero, Marta (2023) Backward reasoning: dinamismo dei processi di scoperta. In: Associazione subalpina Mathesis: Conferenze e Seminari 2022-2023 Conferenze Associazione Subalpina Mathesis anno accademico 2022/23, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy. (Submitted)

Baroutsou, V and Pena, R and Schweighoffer, R and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Kim, S and Hesse-Biber, S and Ciorba, F. and Lauer, G and Katapodi, M (2023) Predicting Openness of Communication in Families With Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome: Natural Language Processing Analysis. JMIR Form Res, 7 (e38399).

Baroutsou, Vasiliki and Duong, Vu and Signorini, Alice and Saccilotto, Ramon and Ciorba, Florina M. and Bürki, Nicole and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Riu, Jay Min and Kim, Sung-Wong and Lim, Myong Cheol and Monnerat, Christian and Zürrer-Härdi, Ursina and Kim, Jisun and Heinimann, Karl and Graffeo, Rossella and Park, Ji Soo and Rabaglio, Manuela and Chappuis, Pierre and Kim, Sue and Katapodi, Maria (2023) Acceptability and Usability of the Family Gene Toolkit for Swiss and Korean Families Harboring BRCA1/BRAC2 Pathogenic Variants: A Web-Based Platform for Cascade Genetic Testing. Cancers.

Belliardi, Marco (2023) Riscaldamento e raffrescamento con l’acqua di lago: una tecnologia pronta all’uso. suissetec ticino. ISSN 1662-6486

Belliardi, Marco and Caputo, Paola and Ferla, Giulio and Cereghetti, Nerio and Antonioli, Barbara (2023) An innovative application of 5GDHC: A techno-economic assessment of shallow geothermal systems potential in different European climates. Energy. ISSN 0360-5442

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Benavoli, Alessio and Azzimonti, Dario Filippo and Piga, Dario (2023) Bayesian Optimization For Choice Data. In: Proceedings of the Companion Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation UNSPECIFIED.

Benavoli, Alessio and Facchini, Alessandro and Zaffalon, Marco (2023) Closure operators, classifiers and desirability. In: International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications.

Benelli, Natalie and Zurbuchen, Antonin and Kuehni, Morgane and Streckeisen, Peter and Greppi, Spartaco (2023) From disabled people’s right to work to the duty to work? Changes in Swiss disability policy and its implementation at the cantonal level. Social Work and Society, 21 (1). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1613-8953

Beretta Piccoli, Matteo and Cescon, Corrado and Vistarini, Ausilia and Pisegna, Caterina and Vannini, Beatrice and Zampella, Cristian and Calanni, Luca and Soldini, Emiliano and Barbero, Marco and D'Antona, Giuseppe (2023) Motor unit synchronization and firing rate correlate with the fractal dimension of the surface EMG: A validation study. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals.

Beretta Piccoli, Matteo and Cescon, Corrado and Vistarini, Ausilia and Pisegna, Caterina and Vannini, Beatrice and Zampella, Cristian and Calanni, Luca and Soldini, Emiliano and D'Antona, Giuseppe (2023) MOTOR UNIT SYNCHRONIZATION AND FIRING RATE CORRELATE WITH THE FRACTAL DIMENSION OF THE SURFACE EMG: A VALIDATION STUDY. In: 12a Giornata della ricerca dell’Innovazione in Medicina della Svizzera Italiana, September 8, Lugano.

Beretta Piccoli, Raffaele (2023) Preparare una gita scolastica efficace: un lavoro di precisione. Encyclopaideia - Journal of phenomenology and education, 27 (67). pp. 91-95. ISSN 1825-8670

Berger, Jean-Louis and Wenger, Matilde and Sauli, Florinda (2023) Engagement en formation professionnelle initiale duale et perceptions de la qualité de la formation. Didactique, 4 (2). pp. 33-64.

Bitetti, Leandro and Huber, Andrea (2023) Universities and secondary schools teaming up for a different entrepreneurship education: barriers, enablers, and outcomes of an open and collaborative process to co-design entrepreneurial competences developing experiential learning activities. Piccola Impresa / Small Business (2). pp. 20-52. ISSN 0394-7947

Blazquez, Victor and Biffi, Alfredo and Aguado, Ricardo (2023) The social value of science and technology parks: a European perspective. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. ISSN 1465-3990

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Brando, Giuseppe and Romana Andreacola, Francesca and Capasso, Ilaria and Forni, Daniele and Cadoni, Ezio (2023) Strain-rate response of 3D printed 17-4PH stainless steel manufactured via selective laser melting. Construction and Building Materials, 409 (133971).

Brasseur, Marie V. and Martini, Jan and Wilfling, Olivia and Wüthrich, Remo and Birnstiel, Emil and Oester, Rebecca and Zizka, Vera M. A. and Singer, Gabriel and Leese, Florian and Vitecek, Simon (2023) Exploring macroinvertebrate biodiversity in the dynamic southern Balkan stream network of the Vjosa using preservative-based DNA metabarcoding. Aquatic Sciences, 85 (2). ISSN 1015-1621

Bussolan, Andrea and Baraldo, Stefano and Gambardella, Luca Maria and Valente, Anna (2023) Assessing the Impact of Human-Robot Collaboration on Stress Levels and Cognitive Load in Industrial Assembly Tasks. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Byrka, Jarosław and Grandoni, Fabrizio and Ameli, Afrouz Jabal (2023) Breaching the 2-Approximation Barrier for Connectivity Augmentation: A Reduction to Steiner Tree. SIAM Journal on Computing, 52 (3). pp. 718-739. ISSN 0097-5397


Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Bernegger, Guenda (2023) Casa dolce casa: sfide e opportunità di Home Treatment per il disagio psichico acuto in Ticino. Iride. Rivista di economia, sanità e sociale del Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale della Scuola universitaria della Svizzera italiana (14). pp. 15-17.

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Castro Mallamaci, Sonia (2023) L’Associazionismo studentesco: una possibile forma di partecipazione? La progettazione di spazi democratici e partecipativi a scuola. Alcuni fondamenti teorici e pratici.

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Cazzin, Stefania and Liechti, Nicole and Jandrasits, Damian and Flacio, Eleonora and Beuret, Christian and Engler, Olivier and Guidi, Valeria (2023) First Detection of West Nile Virus Lineage 2 in Mosquitoes in Switzerland, 2022. Pathogens, 12.

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