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Avilés, Gregorio (2023) Alloggi sostenibili: concetti, indicatori e fonti statistiche per l'identificazione delle economie domestiche nel bisogno. Extra Dati, XXIII (3). pp. 1-14.


Barnoy, S and Dagan, E and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Katapodi, M (2023) Privacy and utility of genetic testing among families with hereditary cancers living in three countries: The International Cascade Screening experience. Frontiers in Genetics, 14 (721).

Barbero, Marta (2023) Backward reasoning: dinamismo dei processi di scoperta. In: Associazione subalpina Mathesis: Conferenze e Seminari 2022-2023 Conferenze Associazione Subalpina Mathesis anno accademico 2022/23, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy. (Submitted)

Baroutsou, V and Pena, R and Schweighoffer, R and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Kim, S and Hesse-Biber, S and Ciorba, F. and Lauer, G and Katapodi, M (2023) Predicting Openness of Communication in Families With Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome: Natural Language Processing Analysis. JMIR Form Res, 7 (e38399).

Beretta Piccoli, Matteo and Cescon, Corrado and Vistarini, Ausilia and Pisegna, Caterina and Vannini, Beatrice and Zampella, Cristian and Calanni, Luca and Soldini, Emiliano and Barbero, Marco and D'Antona, Giuseppe (2023) Motor unit synchronization and firing rate correlate with the fractal dimension of the surface EMG: A validation study. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals.


Castro Mallamaci, Sonia (2023) La didattica della storia nel contesto italofono e internazionale: riflessioni e sperimentazioni. In: Atti del 5° Convegno sulle didattiche disciplinari Lo sviluppo delle didattiche disciplinari come discipline scientifiche in Svizzera: bilancio e prospettive UNSPECIFIED.

Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Bernegger, Guenda (2023) Casa dolce casa: sfide e opportunità di Home Treatment per il disagio psichico acuto in Ticino. Iride. Rivista di economia, sanità e sociale del Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale della Scuola universitaria della Svizzera italiana (14). pp. 15-17.


Del Siro, Chantal and Scapozza, Cristian and Perga, Marie-Elodie and Lambiel, Christophe (2023) Investigating the origin of solutes in rock glacier springs in the Swiss Alps: A conceptual model. Frontiers in Earth Science, 11. pp. 1-20.

Del Siro, Chantal and De Pedrini, Alessandro and Spataro, Alessio and Scapozza, Cristian (2023) Misure inclinometriche - Rapporto annuale 2022. Zone Corcapolo, Pian della Cascina, Val Colla e Arogno. Technical Report (Unpublished)

De Pedrini, Alessandro and Del Siro, Chantal and Scapozza, Cristian (2023) Chronology and morpho-climatic history of large rock slope failures in the Southern Swiss Alps. In: International Geomorphology Week 2023, 1-7 Mar 23, webinar.

De Pedrini, Alessandro and Ambrosi, Christian and Agliardi, Federico and Manconi, Andrea (2023) Evaluation of rock slope failure activity by comparison of multi-sensor InSAR datasets in the Southern Swiss Alps. In: European Geoscience Union 2023, 24-28 Apr 2023, Vienna.

De Respinis, Sophie and Caminada, Annapaola and Pianta, Elisa and Buetti-Dinh, Antoine and Riva Scettrini, Patrizia and Petrini, Liliane and Tonolla, Mauro and Petrini, Orlando (2023) Fungal communities on alpine cheese rinds in Southern Switzerland. Botanical Studies, 64 (6). pp. 1-13.


Fadda, Marta and Melotto, M and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Puhan, M and Frei, A. and Albanese, Emiliano and Camerini, A.L. (2023) Joys or sorrows of parenting during the Covid-19 lockdown: A scoping review. Public Health Reviews (43).

Fortunati, Matteo and Soldini, Emiliano and Beretta Piccoli, Matteo and Lakicevic, Nemanja and Crisafulli, Oscar and Drid, Patrik and Gemelli, Tiziano and D'Antona, Giuseppe (2023) Heart rate response and contextual variables in professional rink hockey competitions. Medicina dello sport.


Gola, Giancarlo and Compagno, G. and Albanese, M. (2023) NeuroTeaching. To bring educational neuroscience into the classroom. QTimes Journal of Education, XV (1). pp. 60-72.

Gui, Marco and Gerosa, Tiziano and Argentin, Gianluca and Losi, Lucilla (2023) Mobile media education as a tool to reduce problematic smartphone use: Results of a randomised impact evaluation. Computers & Education, 194. p. 104705.


Jiang, Miao and Corna, Laurie and Amati, Rebecca and Piumatti, Giovanni and Franscella, Giovanni and Crivelli, Luca and Albanese, Emiliano (2023) Prevalence and association of frailty with SARS-CoV-2 infection in older adults in Southern Switzerland—Findings from the Corona Immunitas Ticino Study. BMC Geriatrics, 23 (1). ISSN 1471-2318


Morici, Luca (2023) Verso un volontariato rigenerato. In: Indagine sul volontariato in ambito culturale: anno di riferimento 2021 / Autori: Giovanna Caravaggi, Marco Imperadore, Giorgio Robbiani. Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport, pp. 56-60. ISBN 979-12-80755-11-7

Maione, Salvatore (2023) External drivers of choice: Improving choice modelling and design by integrating latent variables and optimally presenting explanatory factors. PhD thesis, USI Università della Svizzera italiana.


Nelson, Julie A and Rotondi, Valentina and Santori, Paolo (2023) Economics and the Ethics of Care. In: Rethinking Economics Starting from the Commons: Towards an Economics of Francesco. Springer, pp. 31-42.


Oris, Michel and Baeriswyl, Marie and Duvoisin, Aline and Gabriel, Rainer and Girardin, Myriam and Henke, Julia and Masotti, Barbara and Tholomier, Aude and Widmer, Eric (2023) On the sociohistorical construction of social and economic reserves across the life course and on their use in old age. In: Spini, Dario and Widmer, Eric, (eds.) Withstanding vulnerability throughout adult life: dynamics of stressors, resources, and reserves. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, pp. 269-283. ISBN 978-981-19-4566-3


Parola, Anna and Marcionetti, Jenny (2023) Positive resources for flourishing: the effect of courage, self-esteem and career adaptabilities in adolescence. Societies, 13 (1). p. 5.

Parola, Anna and Di Fuccio, Raffaele and Marcionetti, Jenny and Limone, Pierpaolo (2023) Digital games for career guidance: A systematic review using PRISMA guidelines. Behaviour & Information Technology.

Parola, Anna and Pettignano, Marina and Marcionetti, Jenny (2023) Development and Validation of the Teacher Career-Related Support Self-Efficacy (TCSSE) Questionnaire. Behavioral sciences, 13 (1).

Pampuri, Luca and Bottani, Chiara (2023) Radon, bisogna proteggersi. L'Informatore.

Pozzi, Christian (2023) La specificità del terapista occupazionale nell’intervento multidisciplinare. In: XXIII Congresso associazione italiana psicogeriatria, 14.04.2023, Firenze, Italia. (Unpublished)

Pozzi, Christian (2023) Delirium: una sfida per i professionisti della salute. In: University of Applied Sciences, 19.04.2023, Wiener Neustadt. (Unpublished)

Pozzi, Christian (2023) New frontiers for physiotherapy and occupational therapy in the management of delirium in persons with dementia. A Scoping review. In: Austrian Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology / und Gerontologie, 20.04.2023, Salisburgo, Austria. (Unpublished)

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2023) Farsi strada ma non a qualunque prezzo. Educare all'umiltà non ha nulla a che vedere con l'umiliare. Il Mendrisiotto, XXVI (1). pp. 18-19.

Pezzoli, Lorenzo and Perucchi, Natalia and Pasquale, Daniela (2023) In bilico tra crisi e catastrofi Reazioni in tempi di crisi: le otto tentazioni e le loro varianti. Iride (14). pp. 21-23. ISSN 2504-2742

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2023) L'oblio dei diritti. Fra "tarlo della degenerazione" e condizione femminile. Il Mendrisiotto, XXVI (2). pp. 21-22.

Perani, Martina and Baraldo, Stefano and Decker, Michael and Vandone, Ambra and Valente, Anna and Paoli, Beatrice (2023) Track geometry prediction for Laser Metal Deposition based on on-line artificial vision and deep neural networks. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 79. p. 102445. ISSN 0736-5845

Pozzi, Christian and Tatzer, Verena C. and Strasser-Gugerell, Cornelia and Cavalli, Stefano and Morandi, Alessandro and Bellelli, Giuseppe (2023) Innovative non-pharmacological management of delirium in persons with dementia: New frontiers for physiotherapy and occupational therapy? Geriatrics, 8 (2). pp. 1-11.


Rotondi, Valentina and Santori, Paolo (2023) Gratuitousness. In: Rethinking Economics Starting from the Commons: Towards an Economics of Francesco. Springer, pp. 205-216.


Salvisberg, Miriam and Mottier Lopez, Lucie (2023) Des buts certificatifs, formatifs, motivationnels et relationnels poursuivis par des enseignant⋅es lors d’une activité évaluative certificative. In: ADMEE-Europe-34e colloque, 03-05.04.23, UMONS.

Scapozza, Georgia and Scapozza, Cristian (2023) La Greina: esempio di lettura di un paesaggio geomorfologico. GEA paesaggi territori geografie, 47. pp. 11-18.


Tagliaferri, Alessia and Moulas, Evangelos and Schmalholz, Stefan and Schenker, Filippo (2023) Garnet compositional re-adjustment: cooling rate constraint in metapelites from the Lepontine dome (Central European Alps). In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 24-28.04.2023, Vienna.

Tagliaferri, Alessia and Schenker, Filippo Luca and Ulianov, Alexey and Maino, Matteo and Schmalholz, Stefan Markus (2023) Supplementary material - Implications of new geological mapping and U-Pb zircon dating for the Barrovian tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Lepontine dome (Central European Alps) - Tagliaferri et al. Documentation (Submitted)

Tagliaferri, Alessia and Schenker, Filippo and Ulianov, Alexey and Maino, Matteo and Schmalholz, Stefan (2023) Implications of New Geological Mapping and U-Pb Zircon Dating for the Barrovian Tectono-Metamorphic Evolution of the Lepontine Dome (Central European Alps). Geochemistry, Geophysiscs, Geosystems, 24 (3). n/a-n/a. ISSN 1525-2027

Tancredi, Stefano and Chiolero, Arnaud and Wagner, Cornelia and Haller, Moa Lina and Chocano‑Bedoya, Patricia and Ortega, Natalia and Rodondi, Nicolas and Kaufmann, Laurent and Lorthe, Elsa and Baysson, Hélène and Stringhini, Silvia and Michel, Gisela and Lüdi, Chantal and Harju, Erika and Frank, Irene and Imboden, Medea and Witzig, Melissa and Keidel, Dirk and Probst‑Hensch, Nicole and Amati, Rebecca and Albanese, Emiliano and Corna, Laurie and Crivelli, Luca and Vincentini, Julia and Gonseth Nusslé, Semira and Bochud, Murielle and D’Acremont, Valérie and Kohler, Philippe and Kahlert, Christian R. and Cusini, Alexia and Frei, Anja and Puhan, Milo Alan and Geigges, Marco and Kaufmann, Marco and Fehr, Jan and Cullati, Stéphane (2023) Seroprevalence trends of anti‑SARS‑CoV‑2 antibodies and associated risk factors: a population‑based study. Infection. ISSN 1439-0973


Wolfgang, Sahlfeld (2023) Catechism primers in Italian-speaking Switzerland and Lombardy. In: Juska-Bacher, Britta and Grenby, Matthew and Laine, Tuija and Sroka, Wendelin, (eds.) Learning to Read, Learning Religion. John Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. 259-271. ISBN 9789027212825

Wemyss, Devon and Cellina, Francesca and Grieder, Manuel and Schluter, F. (2023) Looking beyond the hype: Conditions affecting the promise of behaviour change apps as social innovations for low-carbon transitions. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 47 (100702). ISSN 2210-4224


Yang, Rebecca and Zang, Yukun and Yang, Jiaqi and Wakefield, Ron and Nguyen, Kate and Shi, Long and Trigunarsyah, Bambang and Parolini, Fabio and Bonomo, Pierluigi and Frontini, Francesco and Qi, Dahai and Ko, Yoon and Deng, Xin (2023) Fire safety requirements for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV): A cross-country comparison. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 173. p. 113112. ISSN 13640321


Zammitti, Andrea and Moreno-Morilla, Celia and Romero-Rodriguez, Soledad and Magnano, Paola and Marcionetti, Jenny (2023) Relationships between self-efficacy, job instability, decent work, and life satisfaction in a sample of Italian, Swiss and Spanish students. European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education, 13 (2). pp. 306-316.

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