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Casalini, Tommaso and Bassas-Galia, Monica and Girard, Hervé and Castrovinci Cercatore, Andrea and De Carolis, Alessandro and Brianza, Stefano and Zinn, Manfred and Perale, Giuseppe (2019) A Systematic Experimental and Computational Analysis of Commercially Available Aliphatic Polyesters. Applied Sciences, 9 (16). p. 3397. ISSN 2076-3417

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Casalini, Tommaso and Rosolen, Amanda and Henriques, Carolina Yumi Hosoda and Perale, Giuseppe (2020) Permeation of Biopolymers Across the Cell Membrane: A Computational Comparative Study on Polylactic Acid and Polyhydroxyalkanoate. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8. ISSN 2296-4185

Casalini, Tommaso and Rossi, Filippo and Castrovinci Cercatore, Andrea and Perale, Giuseppe (2019) A Perspective on Polylactic Acid-Based Polymers Use for Nanoparticles Synthesis and Applications. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 7. ISSN 2296-4185


Luciani, Paola and Estella-Hermoso de Mendoza, Ander and Casalini, Tommaso and Lang, Silvia and Atrott, Kirstin and Spalinger, Marianne R. and Pratsinis, Anna and Sobek, Jens and Frey-Wagner, Isabelle and Schumacher, Jens and Leroux, Jean-Christophe and Rogler, Gerhard (2017) Gastroresistant oral peptide for fluorescence imaging of colonic inflammation. Journal of Controlled Release, 262. pp. 118-126. ISSN 01683659


Paidikondala, Maruthibabu and Rangasami, Vignesh Kumar and Nawale, Ganesh N. and Casalini, Tommaso and Perale, Giuseppe and Kadekar, Sandeep and Mohanty, Gaurav and Salminen, Turkka and Oommen, Oommen P. and Varghese, Oommen P. (2019) An Unexpected Role of Hyaluronic Acid in Trafficking siRNA Across the Cellular Barrier: The First Biomimetic, Anionic, Non-Viral Transfection Method. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58 (9). pp. 2815-2819. ISSN 14337851

Pertici, Gianni (2012) Chapter 2: The effect of molecular structure on the properties of biomedical polymers. In: Jenkins, Mike and Stamboulis, Artemis, (eds.) Durability and Reliability of Medical Polymers. Woodhead Publishing Limited. ISBN 978-1-84569-929-1


Roman, Diana Larisa and Roman, Marin and Som, Claudia and Schmutz, Mélanie and Hernandez, Edgar and Wick, Peter and Casalini, Tommaso and Perale, Giuseppe and Ostafe, Vasile and Isvoran, Adriana (2019) Computational Assessment of the Pharmacological Profiles of Degradation Products of Chitosan. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 7. ISSN 2296-4185


Sabia, Carmine (2022) Numerical Investigation of Particles Breakage and Growth in Gas-Solid Processes: Spiral Jet Milling and Polyolefin Polymerization in Fluidized Bed Reactors. PhD thesis, Politecnico di Torino.

Signorell, Rea D. and Papachristodoulou, Alexandros and Xiao, Jiawen and Arpagaus, Bianca and Casalini, Tommaso and Grandjean, Joanes and Thamm, Jana and Steiniger, Frank and Luciani, Paola and Brambilla, Davide and Werner, Beat and Martin, Ernst and Weller, Michael and Roth, Patrick and Leroux, Jean-Christophe (2018) Preparation of PEGylated liposomes incorporating lipophilic lomeguatrib derivatives for the sensitization of chemo-resistant gliomas. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 536 (1). pp. 388-396. ISSN 03785173

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