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Ascari, Alessandro and Corni, Federico and Corridoni, Tommaso and D'Anna, Michele and Savinio, Giovanni (2014) Rotations from a new perspective: experiments, modelling and analogies based on angular momentum as an extensive quantity. In: Proceedings of the World Conference on Physics Education 2012, ISBN 978-605-364-658-7 WCPE 2012, July, 1-6, 2012, Istanbul.


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Paraskeva, Vasiliki and Norton, Matthew and Hadjipanayi, Maria and Pravettoni, Mauro and Georghiou, George (2015) Luminescent emission of multi-junction InGaP/InGaAs/Ge PV cells under high intensity irradiation. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 134. pp. 175-184. ISSN 0927-0248

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Silverman, Timothy J. and Jahn, Ulrike and Friesen, Gabriele and Pravettoni, Mauro and Apolloni, Marco and Louwen, Atse and van Sark, WGJHM and Schweiger, Markus and Belluardo, Giorgio and Wagner, Jochen and Tetzlaff, Anke and Ingenhoven, P. and Moser, David (2014) Characterisation of Performance of Thin-film Photovoltaic Technologies. Technical Report UNSPECIFIED


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Tavares, Paulo and Gaspar, Adelio and Martins, A and Frontini, Francesco (2015) Eco-efficient Materials for Mitigating Building Cooling Needs. In: Pacheco-Torgal, Fernando and Labrincha, João and Cabeza, Luisa and Granqvist, Goeran, (eds.) Eco-efficient Materials for Mitigating Building Cooling Needs. Woodhead Publishing. ISBN 978-1-78242-380-5

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