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Bull, Fiona and Milton, Karen and Kahlmeier, Sonja and Arlotti, Alberto and Jurican, Andrea Backovic and Belander, Olov and Martin, Brian and Martin-Diener, Eva and Marques, Ana and Mota, Jorge and Vasankari, Tommi and Vlasveld, Anita (2015) Turning the tide: national policy approaches to increasing physical activity in seven European countries. BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE, 49 (11). pp. 749-756.


Dons, Evi and Goetschi, Thomas and Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark and de Nazelle, Audrey and Anaya, Esther and Avila-Palencia, Ione and Brand, Christian and Cole-Hunter, Tom and Gaupp-Berghausen, Mailin and Kahlmeier, Sonja and Laeremans, Michelle and Mueller, Natalie and Orjuela, Juan Pablo and Raser, Elisabeth and Rojas-Rueda, David and Standaert, Arnout and Stigell, Erik and Uhlmann, Tina and Gerike, Regine and Panis, Luc Int (2015) Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches (PASTA): protocol for a multi-centre, longitudinal study. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 15.


Galetti, Valeria and Kujinga, Prosper and Mitchikpe, Comlan Evariste S. and Zeder, Christophe and Tay, Fabian and Tossou, Felicien and Hounhouigan, Joseph D. and Zimmermann, Michael Bruce and Moretti, Diego (2015) Efficacy of highly bioavailable zinc from fortified water: a randomized controlled trial in rural Beninese children. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION, 102 (5). pp. 1238-1248.


Jaeggi, Tanja and Kortman, Guus A. M. and Moretti, Diego and Chassard, Christophe and Holding, Penny and Dostal, Alexandra and Boekhorst, Jos and Timmerman, Harro M. and Swinkels, Dorine W. and Tjalsma, Harold and Njenga, Jane and Mwangi, Alice and Kvalsvig, Jane and Lacroix, Christophe and Zimmermann, Michael B. (2015) Iron fortification adversely affects the gut microbiome, increases pathogen abundance and induces intestinal inflammation in Kenyan infants. GUT, 64 (5). pp. 731-742.


Kahlmeier, Sonja and Wijnhoven, Trudy M. A. and Alpiger, Patrick and Schweizer, Christian and Breda, Joao and Martin, Brian W. (2015) National physical activity recommendations: systematic overview and analysis of the situation in European countries. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 15.


Melse-Boonstra, A and Talsma, EF and Fitri, A and Dekkers, R and van den Heuvel, E and Boelsma, E and Ly, S and Stomph, T. J. and Zeder, Christophe and Moretti, Diego (2015) Milk Enhances In Vitro Accessibility and Fractional Absorption of Zinc (FAZ) from High Phytate Intrinsically Labelled Rice in Humans. FASEB JOURNAL, 29 (1).

Moretti, Diego and Goede, Jeroen and Christophe, Zeder and Swinkels, Dorine and Tjalsma, Harold and Melse, Alida and Zimmermann, Michael Bruce (2015) Stable iron isotopic techniques and plasma hepcidin profiles to optimize iron supplementation regimens. FASEB JOURNAL, 29 (1).

Moretti, Diego and Goede, Jeroen S. and Zeder, Christophe and Harold, T and Alida, M and Gary, B and Dorine, S and Michael, Z (2015) Oral iron supplements increase hepciding and decrease absorption from daily or thwice daily doses: studies with stable iron istopic labels in young women. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Moretti, Diego and Goede, Jeroen S. and Zeder, Christophe and Jiskra, Markus and Chatzinakou, Vaiya and Tjalsma, Harold and Melse-Boonstra, Alida and Brittenham, Gary and Swinkels, Dorine W. and Zimmermann, Michael B. (2015) Oral iron supplements increase hepcidin and decrease iron absorption from daily or twice-daily doses in iron-depleted young women. BLOOD, 126 (17). pp. 1981-1989.

Moretti, Diego and Samuel, Mettler and Christophe, Zeder and Dorine, Swinkels and Tjalsma, Harold and Carsten, Lundby and Zimmermann, Michael Bruce (2015) The effect of exercise on iron absorption and incorporation in humans. FASEB JOURNAL, 29 (1).

Mueller, Natalie and Rojas-Rueda, David and Cole-Hunter, Torn and de Nazelle, Audrey and Dons, Evi and Gerike, Regine and Goetschi, Thomas and Panis, Luc Int and Kahlmeier, Sonja and Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark (2015) Health impact assessment of active transportation: A systematic review. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, 76. pp. 103-114.


Schotten, Nienke N. and Pasker-de Jong, Pieternel C. and Moretti, Diego and Zimmermann, Michael Bruce and Kraaij, Marian G. and Swinkels, Dorine W. (2015) The Donation Interval of 56 Days Requires Extension to 180 Days for Whole Blood Donors to Recover from Disturbances in Iron Homeostasis. BLOOD, 126 (23).


Werlen, Egon and Zimmermann, Barbara (2015) Internet use for school and in leisure time and its connection to Computer and Information Literacy in 8th grade students. In: Conference: European Conference on Education Research - ECER 2015, 7th - 11th September 2015, Budapest, Hungary.

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