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Barbero, Marco and Falla, Deborah and Cescon, Corrado (2017) Topographical Distribution of EMG Activity in the Upper Trapezius Muscle in People With Myofascial Trigger Points. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 33 (5). pp. 473-474. ISSN 0749-8047

Barbero, Marco and Falla, Deborah and Clijsen, Ron and Ghirlanda, Filippo and Schneebeli, Alessandro and Ernst, Markus J and Cescon, Corrado (2017) Can parameters of the helical axis be measured reliably during active cervical movements? Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 27. pp. 150-154. ISSN 24687812

Barbero, Marco and Fernández-de-las-Peñas, César and Palacios-Ceña, María and Cescon, Corrado and Falla, Deborah (2017) Pain extent is associated with pain intensity but not with widespread pressure or thermal pain sensitivity in women with fibromyalgia syndrome. Clinical Rheumatology. ISSN 0770-3198


Clijsen, Ron and Brunner, Anina and Barbero, Marco and Clarys, Peter and Taeymans, Jan (2017) Effects of low-level laser therapy on pain in patients with musculoskeletal disorders – a systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 53 (4). pp. 603-613. ISSN 2017 August;53(4):

Cox, Cornelia and Bolt, Doris and Clijsen, Ron and Palla, Antonella and Villiger, Michael (2017) Interactive Motor Imagery in Virtual Reality for Motor Rehabilitation after Stroke. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cruder, Cinzia (2017) Pain analysis in musicians using digital pain drawings. Pain Relief, 6 (5). ISSN DOI: 10.4172/2167-0846-C1-014

Cruder, Cinzia (2017) Pain analysis in musicians using digital pain drawings. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cruder, Cinzia and Falla, Deborah and Mangili, Francesca and Azzimonti, Laura and Araújo, Liliana S and Williamon, Aaron and Barbero, Marco (2017) Profiling the Location and Extent of Musicians’ Pain Using Digital Pain Drawings. Pain Practice, 18 (1). pp. 53-66. ISSN 1533-2500


Drusany-Starič, Kristina and Lukanovic, Adolf and Petročnik, Petra and Začesta, Vita and Cescon, Corrado and Lucovnik, Miha (2017) Impact of mediolateral episiotomy on incidence of obstetrical anal sphincter injury diagnosed by endoanal ultrasound. Midwifery. ISSN 0266-6138


Falla, Deborah and Alalawi, A and Henegan, N and Peolsson, Anneli and Rushton, A and Peterson, Gunnel and Landen Ludvigsson, M and Schneebeli, Alessandro and Barbero, Marco (2017) Pain extent predicts the outcome following a programme of neck specific exercise in patients with chronic whiplash-associated disorders. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Falla, Deborah and Cescon, Corrado and Lindstrøm, Renè and Barbero, Marco (2017) Muscle Pain Induces a Shift of the Spatial Distribution of Upper Trapezius Muscle Activity During a Repetitive Task A Mechanism for Perpetuation of Pain With Repetitive Activity? The Clinical Journal of Pain. ISSN 0749-8047


Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea (2017) HANDBUCH und ARBEITSBUCH Energiemanagement-Schulung (EMS) Ergotherapeutische Behandlung für Menschen mit MS-bedingter Fatigue. Manual (Unpublished)

Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea (2017) Fatigue Management bei Menschen mit MS bedingter Fargieu im stationären Setting in der Schweiz. In: 1. Winterthurer Ergo Gipfel, 04.02.2017, Winterthur, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea and Barbero, Marco and Kool, Jan (2017) Abschlussbericht Energiemanagement-Schulung Projektteil 1. Project Report (Submitted)

Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea and Barbero, Marco and Kool, Jan (2017) Energiemanagement-Schulung (EMS) bei Menschen mit MS-bedingter Fatigue im stationären Setting. 1st.Congress of Swiss Society of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine & Swiss Physiotherapy Association.

Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea and Barbero, Marco and Kool, Jan (2017) Interim report: Development and evaluation of a three-week inpatient fatigue management education protocol for persons with MS-related fatigue. Project Report (Unpublished)

Hersche-Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea and Barbero, Marco and Kool, Jan (2017) Menschen mit bedingter Fatigue. Ergotherapie (10). pp. 20-21. ISSN 0258-672X


Hohenauer, Erich and Cescon, Corrado and Deliens, Tom and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) The effect of local skin cooling before a sustained, submaximal isometric contraction on fatigue and isometric quadriceps femoris performance: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Thermal Biology, 65. pp. 88-94.

Hohenauer, Erich and Clarys, Peter and Baeyens, Jean Pierre and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Non-invasive Assessments of Subjective and Objective Recovery Characteristics Following an Exhaustive Jump Protocol. Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Hohenauer, Erich and Costello, Joseph and Stoop, Rahel and Küng, Ursula and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Different physiological responses after partial-body cryotherapy (-135°C ) and cold-water immersion (+10°C). In: 14th International Scientific Conference on Transformation Processes in Sports Performance, March - April 2017. (Unpublished)

Hohenauer, Erich and Costello, Joseph and Stoop, Rahel and Küng, Ursula and Clarys, Peter and Deliens, Tom and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Physiological response and effect on recovery after coldwater immersion (10°C) and partial-body cryotherapy (-135°C). Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

Hohenauer, Erich and Rucker, Alfred Maria Lorenz and Clarys, Peter and Küng, Ursula and Stoop, Rahel and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Anthropometric and performance characteristics of the German rugby union 7s team. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. (In Press)

Hohenauer, Erich and Taeymans, Jan and Baeyens, Jean Pierre and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Effet de la cryothérapie sur les caractéristiques de la récupération: revue systématique et méta-analyse. Project Report UNSPECIFIED


Martins, Rodrigo and Fernhall, Bo and Santa Clara, Helena and Pinto, Rita and Clijsen, Ron and Willi, Romina and Almeida, José P. and Mendes, Miguel and Santos, Vanessa (2017) Energy expenditure during an exercise training session for cardiac patients. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 43 (3). pp. 292-298. ISSN 1715-5312 (print); 1715-5320 (web)


Palacios-Ceña, María and Barbero, Marco and Falla, Deborah and Ghirlanda, Filippo and Arend-Nielsen, Lars and Fernandez-de-Las-Penas, Cesar (2017) Pain Extent Is Associated with the Emotional and Physical Burdens of Chronic Tension-Type Headache, but Not with Depression or Anxiety. Pain Medicine. ISSN 1526-2375


Schneebeli, Alessandro and Del Grande, Filippo and Vincenzo, Gabriele and Cescon, Corrado and Barbero, Marco (2017) Test-retest reliability of echo intensity parameters in healthy Achilles tendons using a semi-automatic tracing procedure. Skeletal Radiology. ISSN 0364-2348

Serrien, Ben and Hohenauer, Erich and Clijsen, Ron and Taube, Wolfgang and Baeyens, Jean Pierre and Küng, Ursula (2017) Changes in balance coordination and transfer to an unlearned balance task after slackline training: a self‑organizing map analysis. Experimental Brain Research. ISSN 0014-4819


Vermeulen, Benjamin and Clijsen, Ron and Fässler, Raphael and Taeymans, Jan and D´Hondt, Eva and Aerenhouts, Dirk (2017) Event-Specific Body Characteristics of Elite Alpine Skiers in Relation to International Rankings. Advances in Anthropology, 7 (2). pp. 94-106. ISSN online: 2163-9361 Print. 2163-9353

Villiger, Michael and Liviero, Jasmin and Awai, Lea and Stoop, Rahel and Pyk, Pawel and Clijsen, Ron and Curt, Armin and Eng, Kynan and Bolliger, Marc (2017) Home-Based Virtual Reality-Augmented Training Improves Lower Limb Muscle Strength, Balance, and Functional Mobility following Chronic Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. Frontiers in Neurology.

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