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Garrone, Paola and Piscitello, Lucia and Rotondi, Valentina and Scalera, Vittoria G (2022) 15. MNEs as catalysts of productive entrepreneurship: the case of Egypt. In: The Role of Multinational Enterprises in Supporting the United Nations' Sdgs. Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 317.

Köksal, Selin and Pesando, Luca Maria and Rotondi, Valentina and Sanliturk, Ebru (2022) Harnessing the Potential of Google Searches for Understanding Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence Before and After the COVID-19 Outbreak. European journal of population= Revue europeenne de demographie. pp. 1-29.

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Rotondi, Valentina and Caiata Zufferey, Maria (2021) Fiducia e collaborazione: due elementi indispensabili per costruire il mondo comune post-COVID. Iride. Rivista di economia, sanità e sociale del Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale della Scuola universitaria della Svizzera italiana (10).

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