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Gonzalez, Andrew and Vihervaara, Petteri and Balvanera, Patricia and Bates, Amanda E. and Bayraktarov, Elisa and Bellingham, Peter J. and Bruder, Andreas and Campbell, Jillian and Catchen, Michael D. and Cavender-Bares, Jeannine and Chase, Jonathan and Coops, Nicholas and Costello, Mark J. and Dornelas, Maria and Dubois, Grégoire and Duffy, Emmett J. and Eggermont, Hilde and Fernandez, Nestor and Ferrier, Simon and Geller, Gary N. and Gill, Michael and Gravel, Dominique and Guerra, Carlos A. and Guralnick, Robert and Harfoot, Michael and Hirsch, Tim and Hoban, Sean and Hughes, Alice C. and Hunter, Margaret E. and Isbell, Forest and Jetz, Walter and Juergens, Norbert and Kissling, W. Daniel and Krug, Cornelia B. and Le Bras, Yvan and Leung, Brian and Londoño-Murcia, Maria Cecilia and Lord, Jean-Michel and Loreau, Michel and Luers, Amy and Ma, Keping and MacDonald, Anna J. and McGeoch, Melodie and Millette, Katie L. and Molnar, Zsolt and Mori, Akira S. and Muller-Karger, Frank E. and Muraoka, Hiroyuki and Navarro, Laetitia and Newbold, Tim and Niamir, Aidin and Obura, David and O’Connor, Mary and Paganini, Marc and Pereira, Henrique and Poisot, Timothée and Pollock, Laura J. and Purvis, Andy and Radulovici, Adriana and Rocchini, Duccio and Schaepman, Michael and Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela and Schmeller, Dirk S. and Schmiedel, Ute and Schneider, Fabian D. and Shakya, Mangal Man and Skidmore, Andrew and Skowno, Andrew L. and Takeuchi, Yayoi and Tuanmu, Mao-Ning and Turak, Eren and Turner, Woody and Urban, Mark C. and Urbina-Cardona, Nicolás and Valbuena, Ruben and van Havre, Basile and Wright, Elaine (2023) A global biodiversity observing system to unite monitoring and guide action. Nature Ecology & Evolution. ISSN 2397-334X

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