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Ozkalay, Ebrar and Friesen, Gabi and Fairbrother, Andrew and Ballif, Christophe and Virtuani, Alessandro (2021) Monitoring the Operating Temperatures of Modules in Open-Rack and Typical BIPV Configurations. In: IEEE 48th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) IEEE 48th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC).

Blakesley, James C. and Huld, Thomas and Müllejans, Harald and Amillo, Ana Gracia and Friesen, Gabi and Betts, Tom R. and Herrmann, Werner (2020) Accuracy, cost and sensitivity analysis of PV energy rating. Solar Energy, 203. pp. 91-100. ISSN 0038-092X

Friesen, Gabi and Bonilla, Johanna (2020) Webinar on Photovoltaic Module Energy Yield Measurements: Existing Approaches and Best Practice. In: UNSPECIFIED, Webinar.

Gok, Abdulkerim and Ozkalay, Ebrar and Friesen, Gabi and Frontini, Francesco (2020) The Influence of Operating Temperature on the Performance of BIPV Modules. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 10 (5). pp. 1371-1378. ISSN 2156-3381

Vogt, Malte and Riechelmann, Stefan and Gracia Amillo, Ana and Driesse, Anton and Kokka, Alexander and Maham, Kinza and Kärhä, Petri and Kenny, Robert P. and Schinke, Carsten and Bothe, Karsten and Blakesley, James C. and Music, E and Plag, Fabian and Friesen, Gabi and Corbellini, Gianluca and Riedel, Nicolas and Valckenborg, Roland and Schweiger, Marcus and Herrmann, Werner (2020) Interlaboratory Comparison of the PV Module Energy Rating Standard IEC 61853-3. In: Procceedings 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 7-11 September 2020, Online Edition.

Annigoni, Eleonora and Virtuani, Alessandro and Caccivio, Mauro and Friesen, Gabi and Chianese, Domenico and Ballif, Christophe (2019) 35 years of photovoltaics: Analysis of the TISO-10-kW solar plant, lessons learnt in safety and performance-Part 2. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications. ISSN 10627995

Monokroussos, Christos and Salis, Elena and Etienne, Damien and Zhang, XiaoYu and Dittmann, Sebastian and Friesen, Gabi and Morita, Kengo and Stang, Johannes and Herbrecht, Thomas and Fakhfouri, Vahid and Rebeaud, Nicolas and Pavanello, Diego and Müllejans, Harald (2019) Electrical characterisation intercomparison of high-efficiency c-Si PV modules within Asian and European laboratories. Prog Photovolt Res Appl., 27. pp. 603-622.

Salis, Elena and Pavanello, Diego and Kröger, Ingo and Winter, Stefan and Bothe, Karsten and Hinken, David and Gandy, Tobias and Hohl-Ebinger, Jochen and Friesen, Gabi and Dittmann, Sebastian and Dubard, Jimmy and Müllejans, Harlad (2019) Results of four European round-robins on short-circuit current temperature coefficient measurements of photovoltaic devices of different size. Solar Energy, 179. pp. 424-436. ISSN 0038-092X

Friesen, Gabi (0220) Experience with NMOT Measurements of BIPV Modules. In: PV Module Forum 2020, 18-19 February 2020, Köln, Germany. (Unpublished)

Gok, Abdulkerim and Ozkalay, Ebrar and Friesen, Gabi and Frontini, Francesco (2021) Power Loss Modes of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Modules: An Analytical Approach Using Outdoor I-V Curves. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 11 (3). pp. 789-796. ISSN 2156-3381

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