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Nava, Veronica and Chandra, Sudeep and Aherne, Julian and Alfonso, María B. and Antão-Geraldes, Ana M. and Attermeyer, Katrin and Bao, Roberto and Bartrons, Mireia and Berger, Stella A. and Biernaczyk, Marcin and Bissen, Raphael and Brookes, Justin D. and Brown, David and Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel and Canle, Moisés and Capelli, Camilla and Carballeira, Rafael and Cereijo, José Luis and Chawchai, Sakonvan and Christensen, Søren T. and Christoffersen, Kirsten S. and de Eyto, Elvira and Delgado, Jorge and Dornan, Tyler N. and Doubek, Jonathan P. and Dusaucy, Julia and Erina, Oxana and Ersoy, Zeynep and Feuchtmayr, Heidrun and Frezzotti, Maria Luce and Galafassi, Silvia and Gateuille, David and Gonçalves, Vitor and Grossart, Hans-Peter and Hamilton, David P. and Harris, Ted D. and Kangur, Külli and Kankılıç, Gökben Başaran and Kessler, Rebecca and Kiel, Christine and Krynak, Edward M. and Leiva-Presa, Àngels and Lepori, Fabio and Matias, Miguel G. and Matsuzaki, Shin-ichiro S. and McElarney, Yvonne and Messyasz, Beata and Mitchell, Mark and Mlambo, Musa C. and Motitsoe, Samuel N. and Nandini, Sarma and Orlandi, Valentina and Owens, Caroline and Özkundakci, Deniz and Pinnow, Solvig and Pociecha, Agnieszka and Raposeiro, Pedro Miguel and Rõõm, Eva-Ingrid and Rotta, Federica and Salmaso, Nico and Sarma, S. S. S. and Sartirana, Davide and Scordo, Facundo and Sibomana, Claver and Siewert, Daniel and Stepanowska, Katarzyna and Tavşanoğlu, Ülkü Nihan and Tereshina, Maria and Thompson, James and Tolotti, Monica and Valois, Amanda and Verburg, Piet and Welsh, Brittany and Wesolek, Brian and Weyhenmeyer, Gesa A. and Wu, Naicheng and Zawisza, Edyta and Zink, Lauren and Leoni, Barbara (2023) Plastic debris in lakes and reservoirs. Nature, 619 (7969). pp. 317-322. ISSN 0028-0836

Pilla, Rachel M. and Mette, Elizabeth M. and Williamson, Craig E. and Adamovich, Boris V. and Adrian, Rita and Anneville, Orlane and Balseiro, Esteban and Ban, Syuhei and Chandra, Sudeep and Colom-Montero, William and Devlin, Shawn P. and Dix, Margaret A. and Dokulil, Martin T. and Feldsine, Natalie A. and Feuchtmayr, Heidrun and Fogarty, Natalie K. and Gaiser, Evelyn E. and Girdner, Scott F. and González, María J. and Hambright, K. David and Hamilton, David P. and Havens, Karl and Hessen, Dag O. and Hetzenauer, Harald and Higgins, Scott N. and Huttula, Timo H. and Huuskonen, Hannu and Isles, Peter D. F. and Joehnk, Klaus D. and Keller, Wendel Bill and Klug, Jen and Knoll, Lesley B. and Korhonen, Johanna and Korovchinsky, Nikolai M. and Köster, Oliver and Kraemer, Benjamin M. and Leavitt, Peter R. and Leoni, Barbara and Lepori, Fabio and Lepskaya, Ekaterina V. and Lottig, Noah R. and Luger, Martin S. and Maberly, Stephen C. and MacIntyre, Sally and McBride, Chris and McIntyre, Peter and Melles, Stephanie J. and Modenutti, Beatriz and Müller-Navarra, Dörthe C. and Pacholski, Laura and Paterson, Andrew M. and Pierson, Don C. and Pislegina, Helen V. and Plisnier, Pierre-Denis and Richardson, David C. and Rimmer, Alon and Rogora, Michela and Rogozin, Denis Y. and Rusak, James A. and Rusanovskaya, Olga O. and Sadro, Steve and Salmaso, Nico and Saros, Jasmine E. and Sarvala, Jouko and Saulnier-Talbot, Émilie and Schindler, Daniel E. and Shimaraeva, Svetlana V. and Silow, Eugene A. and Sitoki, Lewis M. and Sommaruga, Ruben and Straile, Dietmar and Strock, Kristin E. and Swain, Hilary and Tallant, Jason M. and Thiery, Wim and Timofeyev, Maxim A. and Tolomeev, Alexander P. and Tominaga, Koji and Vanni, Michael J. and Verburg, Piet and Vinebrooke, Rolf D. and Wanzenböck, Josef and Weathers, Kathleen and Weyhenmeyer, Gesa A. and Zadereev, Egor S. and Zhukova, Tatyana V. (2021) Global data set of long-term summertime vertical temperature profiles in 153 lakes. Scientific Data, 8 (1). ISSN 2052-4463

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