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Pradhan, Prajal and van Vuuren, Detlef and Wicke, Birka and Bogers, Maya and Hickmann, Thomas and Kalfagianni, Agni and Leininger, Julia and Di Lucia, Lorenzo and van Soest, Heleen and Warchold, Anne and Zimm, Caroline (2022) Methods for Analysing Steering Effects of Global Goals. In: The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals. Cambridege University Press, pp. 172-203.

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Di Lucia, Lorenzo and Nilsson, Lars J and Khan, Jamil and Slade, Raphael (2020) Knowledge of Sustainable Development Goal interactions for decision making–are current approaches fit for purpose? In: Knowledge of Sustainable Development Goal interactions for decision making – are current approaches fit for purpose? GlobalGoals2020 symposium, 11 June 2020.

Anejionu, Obinna C.D. and Di Lucia, Lorenzo and Woods, Jeremy (2020) Geospatial modelling of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of large-scale production of advanced biofuel. Biomass and Bioenergy, 142. p. 105789. ISSN 09619534

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