Capacitance effects in high-efficiency cells

Friesen, Gabi and Ossenbrink, H.A. (1997) Capacitance effects in high-efficiency cells. UNSPECIFIED. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 48 (1-4).

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Frequently transient measurement techniques lead to capacitance effects which complicate the accurate measurement of the performance of high efficiency solar cells. The photo-current-response measurement (PCR), developed at ESTI, offers a tool for the investigation of these capacitance effects. This paper describes the theory of capacitance effects and the diffusion capacitance as experimental results achieved by the PCR-method. The theory shows that the diffusion capacitance is strongly dependent on the minority carrier diffusion length and lifetime. In the future the PCR-method could be used for the determination of this solar cell parameter. We show, using monochromatic light pulses, that the induced diffusion capacitance charge (Q diff ) is exponentially dependent on the bias voltage and linearly dependent on the light intensity. Finally, the capacitance effect is made clearly visible by the generation of the current-voltage characteristic from PCR-measurements.

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