Investigation of CdTe solar cells via capacitance and impedance measurements

Friesen, Gabi and Dunlop, Ewan D. and Wendt, R. (2001) Investigation of CdTe solar cells via capacitance and impedance measurements. UNSPECIFIED. In: European Material Research Conference, EMRS (2000) Spring Meeting, Strasbourg.

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Two CdTe solar cells with very different IV-characteristics were analysed using impedance spectroscopy (IS) and capacitance-voltage (CV) measurements at different temperatures and under dark and illuminated conditions. The two samples were distinguished by different durations of the nitric-phosphoric (NP) etching process applied before back contact deposition. The cell with a short etching time (30 s) shows a strong roll over in the forward bias region, and the cell with the surface that was etched for a longer time (3 min) showed a very strong decrease of the roll-over and a better fill factor. The results show that the etching process dramatically changes the CV characteristics, the resulting CdTe effective doping concentration and that this change can be correlated to different equivalent circuits obtained by the fitting of the impedance spectra of the two samples. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V.

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