European Network of PV Outdoor Testing - Steps towards Harmonized Procedures

Jagomägi, Andri and Mottus, Egris and Stellbogen, Dirk and Fabero, Fernando and Faiman, David and Herrmann, Werner and Mohring, Hans-Dieter and Betts, Thomas R and Gottschalg, Ralph and Zdanowicz, Tadeusz and Kolodenny, Wlodzimierz and Prorok, Mariusz and Friesen, Gabi and Pola, Ivano and Domine, Didier and Guerin de Montgareuil, Antoine and Faiman, David (2009) European Network of PV Outdoor Testing - Steps towards Harmonized Procedures. UNSPECIFIED. In: 24th EUPVSEC.

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Previous results of round-robin tests among European PV outdoor test facilities showed that the measurement agreement depends on the PV module technology. Pmax at STC matched within 2% for c-Si, 5% for CIS and CdTe based thin film technologies, and within 10% for a-Si based modules. To improve the accuracy and reliability of PV module outdoor performance characterization, harmonized procedures are formulated and implemented across PV outdoor laboratories in Europe and Israel within the Integrated Project PERFORMANCE. Common procedures for the module preparation, preconditioning, cleaning, the accuracy of the module mounting, and sensor positioning are established. It is required that the modules are loaded as closely as possible to Pmax between IV-curve scans. The measured module and environmental parameters are listed with the required measurement accuracy and recommendations for the choice of sensors. Continuous quality control of the data is defined via data validation procedures. Parameter calculation routines are described.

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