Comparative Outdoor Characterisation of PV Modules across Europe

Stellbogen, Dirk and Mohring, H D and Jagomägi, Egris and Friesen, Gabriele and Mertens, Jens and Faiman, David and Domine, Didier (2010) Comparative Outdoor Characterisation of PV Modules across Europe. In: 5th World PVSEC Conference, Valencia (Spain).

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Outdoor performance measurements of PV modules are vital for the assessment of their energy delivery capability in real field operation. However, the comparability of the empirical results from different test sites has been quite low in the past due to diverse measurement procedures and evaluation methods. In order to overcome these obstacles, harmonized measurement methods, data analysis processes, and quality management measures have been defined within the Integrated Project PERFORMANCE. For the validation of these common procedures a comparative outdoor test campaign has been conducted which included test institutes in Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. Sets of reference PV modules from crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride and copper indium diselenide technology have each been consecutively characterized at 3-4 outdoor test sites in different countries across Europe. The paper presents the results of the measurements from the different test sites and discusses the achieved degree of conformity within this network of test labs.

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