Analysis of the optical uncertainties of indoor I-V curve measurements using a monte carlo approach

Pavanello, Diego and Friesen, Gabi and Pravettoni, Mauro (2012) Analysis of the optical uncertainties of indoor I-V curve measurements using a monte carlo approach. UNSPECIFIED. In: 27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition.

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The measurement of the IV curve at Standard Test Conditions plays a key role in performance analysis and maximum power determination of PV modules. Accredited laboratories must give the result of the measurement with the measurement uncertainty; the coverage factor and probability density function must also be specified. The major contributions to the overall uncertainties budget when measuring an IV curve indoor with a pulsed solar simulator are the optical uncertainties, the reference cell calibration uncertainty and the spectral mismatch uncertainty. In this analysis the optical measurement error has been described as the difference between the irradiance value measured by the reference cell and the effective irradiance values on the module surface. The geometrical parameters identified as source of errors have been modeled as random variables, with different probability density functions, and the resulting error function has been computed with 1 000 000 Monte Carlo trials. Particular configurations have been considered in order to identify what parameters among the set have more influence on the final uncertainty; their statistical estimates and probability density functions give informations about their propagations through the measurement system. The results of simulations with real conditions have finally been compared with the GUM method.

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