PV module parameters determination for system simulation

Marzoli, Matteo and Friesen, Gabi and Mermoud, André (2012) PV module parameters determination for system simulation. UNSPECIFIED. In: 27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition.

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Firstly, the increasing diffusion of PV modules based on thin film technologies; secondly, the request by PV stakeholders for a PV plant simulation which is both fast and accurate (this being crucial for the definition of an accurate business plan); and thirdly, the need of the PV module producers to have a quick and scalable determination of parameters: these three conditions have led to carrying out a complete review and implementation of the process for the PV one-diode model parameter determination, with an interaction between the indoor and outdoor PV measurements of a crystalline silicon and a micromorph module. After the stabilization of the thin film module, the first step of the process was the electrical characterization of the modules with a solar simulator. Then, with the help of a software tool, the one-diode model parameters were determined, achieving a very good fit between modeled and indoor-measured IV-curves. The following step was the outdoor exposure of the modules and the validation of the parameters determined, and a general validation of the one-diode model.

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