Fully distributed power routing for an ad hoc nanogrid

Brocco, Amos (2013) Fully distributed power routing for an ad hoc nanogrid. In: 2013 IEEE International Workshop on Inteligent Energy Systems (IWIES).

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This paper details a model for an ad hoc self-organized nanogrid based on distributed energy sources. The proposed concept draws inspiration from ad hoc computer networks and aims at creating an adaptive, scalable, and reliable power network to support energy provisioning with limited planning when the main grid is unavailable or severely damaged. Such a system could be used to support electrification and energy sharing in isolated rural areas, or to help emergency response crews in disaster relief situations. To control the operation of the nanogrid, we detail an autonomous fully distributed protocol that enables on demand dynamic configuration of power transmission paths between power sources and load devices across a mesh of intelligent routing nodes. The adaptiveness, resiliency, and scalability of our solution is demonstrated through simulation experiments.

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