A Database for Climatic Conditions around Europe for Promoting GSHP Solutions

De Carli, Michele and Bernardi, Adriana and Cultrera, Matteo and Dalla Santa, Giorgia and Di Bella, Antonino and Emmi, Giuseppe and Galgaro, Antonio and Graci, Samantha and Mendrinos, Dimitrios and Mezzasalma, Giulia and Pasquali, Riccardo and Pera Ibarguren, Sebastian and Perego, Rodolfo and Zarrella, Angelo (2018) A Database for Climatic Conditions around Europe for Promoting GSHP Solutions. Geosciences, 8 (2).

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Weather plays an important role for energy uses in buildings. For this reason, it is required to define the proper boundary conditions in terms of the different parameters affecting energy and comfort in buildings. They are also the basis for determining the ground temperature in different locations, as well as for determining the potential for using geothermal energy. This paper presents a database for climates in Europe that has been used in a freeware tool developed as part of the H2020 research project named “Cheap-GSHPs”. The standard Köppen-Geiger climate classification has been matched with the weather data provided by the ENERGYPLUS and METEONORM software database. The Test Reference Years of more than 300 locations have been considered. These locations have been labelled according to the degree-days for heating and cooling, as well as by the Köppen-Geiger scale. A comprehensive data set of weather conditions in Europe has been created and used as input for a GSHP sizing software, helping the user in selecting the weather conditions closest to the location of interest. The proposed method is based on lapse rates and has been tested at two locations in Switzerland and Ireland. It has been demonstrated as quite valid for the project purposes, considering the spatial distribution and density of available data and the lower computing load, in particular for locations where altitude is the main factor controlling on the temperature variations.

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