A new landslide and rock glacier inventory map for Canton Ticino

Czerski, Dorota and Ambrosi, Christian and Scapozza, Cristian and Schenker, Filippo (2017) A new landslide and rock glacier inventory map for Canton Ticino. In: Swiss Geoscience Meeting, 17.11.2017-18.11.2017, Davos, Switzerland.

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A landslide inventory map was updated combining many studies performed since 2005, using the following multi-method approach: 2D photo-interpretation using SWISSIMAGE orthophotos and swissALTI3D hillshade, ┬ęswisstopo; landslide mapping by 3D digital stereoscopic photogrammetry (Ambrosi & Scapozza, 2015) on analogical and numerical aerial photographs (1950-2015); landslide mapping by digital monophotogrammetry thanks to the WSL-Monoplotting-Tool (Conedera et al., 2013) on ancient oblique non-metric photographs; geological structures and shallow landslide mapping based on field verification of photointerpreted maps; analysis of InSAR (Satellite Sinthetyc Aperture Radar Interferometry) and GBR (ground base radar) data for the state of activity of landslides and rock glaciers; geodetic monitoring for landslide and rock glacier activity: GPS, teodolite and laserscan.

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