CFD modeling of the Pollegio AA-CAES pilot plant TES system

Zavattoni, Simone and Barbato, Maurizio and Geissbühler, Lukas and Haselbacher, Andreas and Zanganeh, Giw and Steinfeld, Aldo (2016) CFD modeling of the Pollegio AA-CAES pilot plant TES system. In: SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage – 4° Symposium, 03.10.2016, PSI - Villigen, Switzerland.


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The present study aims at modeling, by means of a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach, the thermo-fluid dynamics behavior of the thermal energy storage (TES) system prototype equipped in the first advance adiabatic compressed-air energy storage (AA-CAES) prototype built in Pollegio. The sensible-heat storage system is based on a packed bed of natural rocks. Due to the unusual geometry proposed for the TES under investigation, a detailed 3D computational domain was exploited and a time-dependent CFD simulation was performed. A 38 h thermal pre-charging was considered before simulating a total of 5 consecutive cycles of charge and discharge phases. Besides the performance evaluation of the TES system, according to the CFD simulation results obtained, none relevant three-dimensional effects on the temperature distribution into the packed bed were observed.

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