Economic cycle, public discourse and variations in governing refugees in the EU

Ureta Vaquero, Ivan (2017) Economic cycle, public discourse and variations in governing refugees in the EU. In: 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 13.09.2017-16.09.2017, Barcelona, Spain. (Submitted)

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Since 1999 the EU implemented the common migration and asylum system within the frame of the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs Policies (JHA). Politically speaking the adoption of these policies required consensus, negotiation and a pragmatic sense of Europeanism. However, this communitarian and consensual approach has been progressively eroded due to a number of mutating factors related to economic, financial, political, diplomatic issues. This paper will focus on analyzing and comparing the ways the EU managed and communicated two different refugee crises: 1990’s and the ongoing refugee crisis starting from 2015. The two cases will be analyzed transversally focusing on three intertwined components: a) comparative analysis of the economic context pre, during and post-crises; b) public discourse analysis focusing on how European institutions and political parties addressed and communicated their positions on both refugee crises and the way political and diplomatic entrepreneurs polarized public opinion. (using Critical Discourse Analysis CDA and Corpus Linguistics (CL), Machine Learning and, c) Comparative analysis of ad-hoc diplomatic initiatives and policy-making strategies.

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