Le cadavre exquis (seguito e fine)

Bernegger, Guenda (2011) Le cadavre exquis (seguito e fine). Rivista per le Medical Humanities, 20. pp. 47-64. ISSN 9788877136176

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What issues lie at the intersection of aesthetics, beauty, the arts, the experience of disease, caring practices? This essay conveys the results of a virtual dialogue aimed at stimulating a shared reflection on the relation between the aesthetic dimension and the domain of care. The different people involved in the dialogue have been stimulated to share, from their very personal point of view and on the grounds of their own experience, the questions at the core of individual reflection and the conclusions considered most meaningful by each. This was attained by a specific technique of collective writing, close to that called of the “cadavre exquis” (exquisite corpse) of the Surrealists. The result is a series of independent arts, which, as it is the case in a spontaneous dialogue, are not safe from misunderstandings in the use and interpretation of terms, recurrences, alternation of inhomogeneous styles… The very concepts of aesthetics, beauty, care are object of different interpretation and experience. A diversity generating further questions.

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