First Map of Residential Indoor Radon Measurements in Azerbaijan

Hoffmann, Marcus and Alyiev, C.S. and Feyzullayev, Akper and Baghirli, R.J. and Veliyeva, F.F. and Pampuri, Luca and Valsangiacomo, Claudio and Tollefsen, Tore and Cinelli, Giorgia (2016) First Map of Residential Indoor Radon Measurements in Azerbaijan. Radiation Protection Dosimetry. pp. 1-8.

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This article describes results of the first measurements of indoor radon concentrations in Azerbaijan, including description of the methodology and the mathematical and statistical processing of the results obtained. Measured radon concentrations varied considerably: from almost radon-free houses to around 1100 Bq m−3. However, only ~7% of the total number of measurements exceeded the maximum permissible concentrations. Based on these data, maps of the distribution of volumetric activity and elevated indoor radon concentrations in Azerbaijan were created. These maps reflect a mosaic character of distribution of radon and enhanced values that are confined to seismically active areas at the intersection of an active West Caspian fault with sub-latitudinal faults along the Great and Lesser Caucasus and the Talysh mountains. Spatial correlation of radon and temperature behavior is also described. The data gathered on residential indoor radon have been integrated into the European Indoor Radon Map.

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