Air-pollution management for the tunnel Lugano

Gorla, Attilio and Gianola, Giacomo and Bettelini, Marco and Colombo, Luca (2008) Air-pollution management for the tunnel Lugano. In: Proceedings of the ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2008 ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2008, 19-25.9.2008, Agra, India.

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Air-pollution management is a major issue in all new road tunnel projects, particularly in urban areas. The present paper documents the extensive investigations carried out for the new tunnel Vedeggio- Cassarate (Lugano, Switzerland) in order to ensure full compliance with the environmental legislation as well as achievement of the environmentally best possible solution within the given conditions. A number of simulations of pollutants generation and dispersion have been carried out for different exhaust management concepts and were essential for ventilation design for normal operating conditions. The solution adopted is expected to minimize the environmental impact of the new tunnel while satisfying all other constraints, particularly with respect to tunnel safety. Additionally, an extensive measurement campaign was started. This allows for a comprehensive monitoring of the environmental conditions before beginning the tunnel construction, during the whole construction phase and after tunnel opening. Based on the extensive theoretical and experimental data available it was decided that specific equipments for exhaust treatment are not needed in this particular case. The monitoring of the environmental conditions will continue during tunnel operation. Depending on the results from the first three years of operation it will be decided if an upgrade of the ventilation system with a state-of-the-art exhaust treatment system is necessary. Ventilation design was adapted in order to leave this path open.

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