Structural-temporal approach for dynamic strength characterization of gabbro-diabase

Petrov, Yuri and Bragov, Anatoly M. and Evstifeev, Alexey and Cadoni, Ezio (2015) Structural-temporal approach for dynamic strength characterization of gabbro-diabase. EPJ Web of Conferences, 94. 01042. ISSN 2101-6275

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This paper presents some of the results of dynamic compression, splitting and direct-tensile tests of gabbro-diabase using two split Hopkinson bar apparatus. The results of laboratory experiments on specimens without and with notch for a wide range of loading parameters are given. Strength and deformation characteristics of gabbro-diabase were determined experimentally at high strain rates up to 103 s−1. Mechanical characteristics were found to be strongly depended on the strain rate. A uniform interpretation of the rate effects of fracture of the tested gabbro-diabase is given on the basis of structural-temporal approach based on a set of fixed material constants. It is shown that temporal dependences of both the compressive and tensile strengths of the tested material can be effectively calculated using the incubation time fracture criterion.

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