Synergistic User - Context Analytics

Hossmann-Picu, Andreea and Li, Zan and Braun, Torsten and Angelopoulos, C. Marios and Evangelatos, Orestis and Rolim, José and Papandrea, Michela and Garg, Kamini and Giordano Cremonese, Silvia and C. Y. Tossou, Aristide and Dimitrakakis, Christos and Mitrokotsa, Aikaterini (2015) Synergistic User - Context Analytics. In: Proceedings of The 7th ICT Innovations Conference 7th ICT Innovations Conference, Ohrid, R. Macedonia.

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Various flavours of a new research field (socio-)physical or personal analytics have emerged in the past couple of years and are getting more and more attention, both from researchers and from practitioners (mostly startups). As the name suggests, the goal is to derive semantically-rich insights (high-level activity, preferences, intentions) from people’s low-level physical sensing (location, type of activity etc), from their (online) social interactions, or more compellingly from a combination of these. The results of such analytics could be valuable in a variety of contexts, from better and more accurate customer engagement for businesses to space and event planning that accounts for the self-organising phenomena in pedestrian crowds, and including higher value location-based services for users.

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