The MPVT (Multi-Purpose PV Module Tester) Project - A Highly Innovative and Versatile Solar Simulator

Virtuani, Alessandro and Friesen, Gabriele and Chianese, Domenico and Dozio, Gian Carlo and Rigamonti, Giorgio and Pegurion, Matthias and Beljean, Pierre (2010) The MPVT (Multi-Purpose PV Module Tester) Project - A Highly Innovative and Versatile Solar Simulator. In: 25th European PV Solar Energy Conference, Valencia (S).

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The purpose of this paper is to present the activity of the MPVT (Multi-Purpose PV Module Tester) project funded by the Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI) of the Swiss Confederation. The aim of the project is to develop an extremely versatile measurement equipment for the indoor testing of PV modules by upgrading and integrating new functionalities into an existing pulsed solar-simulator based IV measurement set-up. The newly developed MPVT set-up will be able to realize IV measurements at standard test conditions, temperature coefficients (TCOs) and measurement at different irradiance levels. In addition, a set-up to measure spectral response (SR) of large-area module will be implemented in the system. The MPVT system will be adapted to the needs of the different PV technologies present today on the market, which require a larger flexibility in terms of electrical measurement conditions (high-voltage/low-current thin film PV and high-current/low-voltage c-Si technologies). Moreover, traditional or alternative solutions will be implemented to overcome problems - related to the short duration of the light pulse - which some technologies may encounter when performing power measurements with flashers, as for example, high efficient c-Si modules, which are characterized by high cell capacitances.

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