On The Limits of Industrial Premixed Combustion Simulation Models

Zimont, Vladimir L. and Barbato, Maurizio and Murgia, F. (1999) On The Limits of Industrial Premixed Combustion Simulation Models. In: MCS 1999.

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This work analyses the simulation potential of two premixed turbulent combustion models based on different combustion mechanism concepts: the Eddy Dissipation Concept based on the volume combustion mechanism, and the Turbulent Flame-speed Closure based on the thickened-wrinkled flamelets combustion mechanism. Ability of simulating numerically a standard experimental test case (premixed methaneair combustion in a plane channel at high flow velocity) and the influence of flow parameters variation on the combustion process have been tested. The paper shows that the flamelets model describes the standard experimental data more accurately. Furthermore, comparisons of the two models results obtained varying combustion flow parameters show the presence of quantitatively, and in one case even qualitatively different trends. These results are explained, and potentialities and limits of these models are discussed from an industrial premixed burner applications standpoint.

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