Novel architecture for a borehole management system

Hoffmann, Marcus and Cannata, Massimiliano and Antonovic, Milan (2014) Novel architecture for a borehole management system. In: Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2014, 21-22 Novembre 2014, Fribourg. (Unpublished)

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Information and management of surveys, wells and springs in Ticino is based on a database born in the 1960s and currently managed by the Institute of Earth Sciences. In addition to basic information, such as coordinates, depth, location, register number and owner also information related to environmental measurements like water temperature, groundwater levels and results of diverse analyses, such as geological and chemical properties are stored in a relational database. Due to new technological and user requested needs, the current database is supposed to be migrated, developing a completely new structure using state-of-the-art technologies and architectures also compliant with the Swisstopo data model for boreholes. The proposed migration splits the dataset in two separate units: • The administrative part will be migrated in JSON objects stored in a non-relational document database. • One part of measurements related to the specific object will be handled by a standard SOS (istSOS) system, which describes the characteristics of a sample connected to the results of the analysis. Figure 1 shows the current structure of the objects (wells, surveys and springs) with metadata and diverse types of measurements. A measurement based on a sample (orange) will be controlled by istSOS. Figure 2 shows a representation of elements of the SOS architecture which are mapped on standard key elements. This allows obtaining metadata of the procedures (such as modalities and adopted measuring instruments) and to search through these observations selecting parameters like name of the procedures, observed properties, spatial filters, temporal filters, group of procedures (offering) and others.

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