Multi-method assessment of slope tectonics activity in Val Bedretto (Ticino)

Ambrosi, Christian and Scapozza, Cristian (2012) Multi-method assessment of slope tectonics activity in Val Bedretto (Ticino). In: Swiss Geoscience Meeting, 16-17 November 2012, Bern.

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The right flank of the Val Bedretto is characterized by a series of large scarps and counterscarps referred to Deep-seated gravitational slope deformations (Sackung, DSGSD) formed by the interplay of (neo)tectonics, gravitation and postglacial rebound (Ustaszewski et al. 2008). These DSGSD are the visible expression of slope tectonics processes (e.g. Jaboyedoff et al. 2011). Several field studies have focus on the neotectonic faulting, postglacial uplift and numerical modeling of postglacial rebound (e.g. Ustaszewski & Pfiffner 2008; Ustaszewski et al. 2008), whereas Renner (1982) has determined the main stadials of glacier retreat during the Lateglacial, highlighting the displacement of several moraines in the area. By means of new instabilities and geomorphological maps obtained by 3D digital stereoscopic photogrammetry (Castelletti et al. 2012), and Schmidt hammer exposure-age dating (SHD) of the glacial and periglacial landforms, a re-evaluation of the genetical processes and of the activity of the DSGS since 20’000 BP is proposed.

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