A promoção da bientraitance: O exemplo de uma pesquisa na Suíça italiana

Sargenti Berthouzoz, Carla and Lomazzi, Luisa and Pezzati, Rita and Ferrari, Paola and Cavalli, Stefano (2014) A promoção da bientraitance: O exemplo de uma pesquisa na Suíça italiana. In: I Fórum Internacional de Violência e Maus-Tratos (FIVMT), 2-5 settembre 2014, Evora (Portugal). (Unpublished)

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Subject: Although elderly abuse cases are considered one of the main problems in the public health field, this theme still remains omitted and it is still difficult to speak about it in care context. The BIENCA project intends to enhance the abuse phenomenon in the perception of the staff (nurses and caregivers, administrative, and hotel services) in nursing homes of Ticino (Southern Switzerland). The approach is intentionally positive and proactive, based on the value of commitment of the workers in guaranteeing a high quality of life of the elderly person. The bientraitance approach (term coined in France in the mid 90's) is characterised by the path that organizations and professionals need to carry out to develop a common culture that places unconditional respect towards the person and his/her will (important principles such as respect, listening, trust, good care and accompaniment towards vulnerable, frail and dependent persons). Objectives: - Identify and highlight the bientraitance elements which are present in the organisations and support the staff in this path. - Point out risk factors of maltraitance ordinaire (the kind of abuse that creeps slightly in the activities of daily life). - Identify educational and organizational improvement trails and suitable promotional strategies of bientraitance. Research stages: The research is conducted in a sample of 17 nursing home and include: - An introductory meeting with the management team to acquire data and information; - A structured observation day (around 18 hours in each nursing home); - Administration of a questionnaire to gather the perceptions and the representations in regard of both abuse and bientraitance of all the staff; - A meeting with the management team to enhance the elements which emerged and collect additional information; - A report writing; - A meeting to point out the results and alert the staff (focus group).

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