Second international spectroradiometer intercomparison: results and impact on PV device calibration

Galleano, Roberto and Zaaiman, Willem and Strati, Cecilia and Bartocci, Simona and Pravettoni, Mauro and Marzoli, Matteo and Fucci, Raffaele and Leanza, Gianni and Timò, Gianluca and Minuto, Alessandro and Catena, Mario and Aleo, Francesco and Takagi, Shin and Akiyama, Akihito and Nuñez, Rubén and Belluardo, Giorgio (2014) Second international spectroradiometer intercomparison: results and impact on PV device calibration. Progress in Photovolt: Research and Applications, 23 (7). pp. 929-938. ISSN 1099-159X

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This paper describes the results of an intercomparison of spectroradiometers for measuring global normal incidence and direct normal incidence spectral irradiance in the visible and in the near infrared, together with an assessment of the impact these results may have on the calibration of the short circuit current (I sc ) of triple-junction photovoltaic devices and on the relevant spectral mismatch calculation. The intercomparison was conducted by six European scientific laboratories and a Japanese industrial partner. Seven spectroradiometer systems, for a total of 13 different instruments/channels using two different technologies and made by four different manufacturers were involved. This group of systems represents a good cross section of the instrumentation for solar spectrum measurements available to date. The instruments were calibrated by each partner prior to the intercomparison following their usual procedure and traceability route in order to verify the entire measurement and traceability chain. The difference in measured spectral irradiance showed to have an impact on the calibration of a set of Iso-Type cells varying from ±2% to ±14% for middle and bottom cell, respectively.

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