Use of Cosmetics in Sports

Clijsen, Ron and Barel, André Odilon and Clarys, Peter (2014) Use of Cosmetics in Sports. In: Barel, André Odilon and Paye, Marc and Maibach, Howard I, (eds.) Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Fourth Edition. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton London New York, pp. 519-524. ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1842145647 ISBN-10: 1842145649

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Introduction Our objective was to search the literature for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that are frequently used or specially designed around the specific needs of sport activities and athletes. A narrative literature search was performed using the online databases Pubmed and Google Scholar. The authors choose to differentiate between pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products not by following the definition of an “active” or “inert“ action on the skin but by restricting to products that may be sold directly to a consumer without a prescription from a health care professional. These products can be classified into five functional groups of cosmetic products with a potential biological effect to skin. 1. The use of aesthetic cosmetic products in sports is well established, especially in aesthetic sports such as gymnastics, ice skating, and synchronized swimming where an attractive appearance supports the self-confidence of the athlete. Not only the individual performance will benefit but also beauty and attractiveness can influence the scores given by the judges committee. 2. During a sport, the skin of an athlete is often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. In order to protect and to prevent damage to the skin, the cosmetic industry has developed special preventive and protective skin care products, meeting the requirements of the individual sportsperson. 3. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that exert a pharmaceutical therapeutic benefit without having a biological effect on living tissue. Cosmeceuticals are effective in the treatment of sport-related dermatological disorders and can be a useful adjunct to prescription medications. 4. Stimulating products especially those with a hyperaemising or cooling capacity are frequently used by athletes in the preparation for sport or to stimulate the body in order to enhance physical performance. 5. After physical activity, adequate personal hygiene is important in maintaining the body healthy and vital. Intensive showering after each training session requires a cosmetic cleansing formulation that supports the natural skin balance with regard to pH value, moisture content, and cleansing capacity.

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