SIP-Based AAA in Delay-Aware NUM-Oriented Wireless Mesh Networks

Misiorek, Pawel and Przemyslaw, Walkowiak and Stanislaw, Karlik and Vanini, Salvatore (2014) SIP-Based AAA in Delay-Aware NUM-Oriented Wireless Mesh Networks. Image Processing & Communication, 18 (4). pp. 43-56. ISSN 2300-8709

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A growing number of mobile nodes that require Internet access is observed. These nodes may be organized in a wireless mesh network in which some of the nodes may serve the access to the Internet and relay other users’ traffic. Such a vision, however, causes the need for carrier-grade reliable Internet sharing solution. This paper presents a CARMNET-XML protocol, which enables to provide Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting AAA functionalities in wireless mesh networks managed by the Delay-Aware Network Utility Maximization System (DANUMS). The presented solution is a part of a CARMNET system, which integrates the utility-oriented resource allocation provided by DANUMS with the IMS architecture. The system allows users to access Internet with a given quality without the need of extending the operator’s infrastructure. Moreover, we define the scenario of the system application involving the use of the proposed protocol that has been experimentally evaluated in a wireless testbed environment.

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