Sustainable Mass Customization Assessment

Bettoni, Andrea and Corti, Donatella and Fontana, Alessandro and Zebardast, Mahnoosh and Pedrazzoli, Paolo (2012) Sustainable Mass Customization Assessment. In: Poler, Raul and Carniero Maia, Luis and Jasinski, Thomas and Zolghadri, Marc and Pedrazzoli, Paolo, (eds.) Intelligent Non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ, pp. 249-275. ISBN 978-1-84821-481-1

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The sustainable mass customization – mass customization for sustainability (S-MC-S) assessment model is meant to measure the impact on sustainability of the decisions taken in the design phase of a mass-customized solution space. This chapter describes the development of the two building blocks constituting the assessment model: the sustainability indicators and the calculation method. It provides the list of the indicators calculated by the S-MC-S assessment model, and presents their definition and their units of measure. Indicators have been grouped into subsets considering the three sustainability pillars: environmental indicators, economic indicators and social indicators. Next, the chapter presents the description of the assessment framework that is the basis for the equations definition. The chapter ends with the description of the formula development. The assessment framework has been developed considering, in a lifecycle perspective, the map of the design activities carried out in order to obtain a mass-customized solution space.

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