Numerical Simulation of Premixed Combustion Flows: a Comparative Study

Barbato, Maurizio and Talice, Marco and Zimont, Vladimir L. (1999) Numerical Simulation of Premixed Combustion Flows: a Comparative Study. In: Proceeding of International Meeting on Combustion Science and Technology for Sustainable Development Italian Flame Days Meeting, Nov. 16-17, 1999, Rome, Italy.

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In this work four different commercial and research CFD codes have been compared for the simulation of two combustion test cases. The aim was to get an overview of the capabilities of these different tools to simulate combustion flows in premixed regimes. Codes tested were Fluent, CFX, StarCD and Tanit. Three combustion models have been applied, namely the Eddy Break Up, the Eddy Dissipation Model and the Turbulent Flame Closure, the turbulence model used being the standard k-epsilon. Numerical results have been found to fairly fit experiments and helped to show some drawbacks of combustion models. In its theoretically correct range of applicability the TFC model has been found to give the better agreement with experiments.

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