Analysis of BiPV case-studies through a multicriteria evaluation tool

Bonomo, Pierluigi and De Berardinis, Pierluigi and Frontini, Francesco (2013) Analysis of BiPV case-studies through a multicriteria evaluation tool. In: 28th European PV Solar Energy Conference, 30th September- 3rd October-2013, Paris. (In Press)

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PV integration in the contemporary building envelope, can be considered one of the most relevant field of technological and architectural innovation. Noted an insufficient spread of "PV integration" concept in the real constructions, one of the reasons could be the absence of simple and applicable “quality control” tools, similarly to the experience of energy and environmental certification, as also stated by different international interview and projects. The presented study, through the use of a scoring method called Bipv.tool, reports the outcomes of some test on real BiPV case-studies, some of which have been studied within Task 41 IEA. The method is based on a weighted evaluation of different classes of integrability (constructive, performance, energetic, plant, of architectural characterization...), allowing an overall assessment on several qualitative, quantitative and multi-scalar aspects of BiPV. The analysis of obtained results shows some specific potential scenarios for a transfer in the BiPV field, including the deployment in the real building sector as a guide-tool for the “Nearly ZEB” design, for a more proper regulation of systems for granting incentives, and other real applications.

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