Comfort Performance Studies on Facade-Integrated BIPV

Polo Lopez, Cristina Silvia and Tenconi, Luca and Lo Castro, Fabio and Brambillasca, Stefano and Neila Gonzalez, Francisco J. and Caamaño Martín, Estefanía and Frontini, Francesco (2012) Comfort Performance Studies on Facade-Integrated BIPV. In: Conference Proceedings of the EUROSUN 2012 EUROSUN 2012 - ISES Europe Solar Conference, September 18 to 20, 2012, Rijeka, Croatia.

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The influence of different façade integrated photovoltaic (PV) solutions on the rest of building energy consumption is difficult to assess under real operating conditions. Thermal aspects,inside temperatures or luminance level that can be expected using building integrated PV(BIPV) modules are not well-known. Issues to be analysed in this research study are comfort aspect (thermal and lighting), energy consumption, electricity production, electrical performance of PV modules and PV systems for vertical integration. Integrated PV components and the use of renewable energy is already a standard for reducing power consumption, but would also be important to know the possible contribution to improve the comfort and health of building occupants. This work presents the methodology employed for testing BIPV façade elements in a real context and weather conditions.

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