Description of the cervical manipulative technique in the scientific literature

Castelnuovo, Claudio and Barbero, Marco and Zito, Guy (2013) Description of the cervical manipulative technique in the scientific literature. Italian journal of Physiotherapy, 3 (1). pp. 11-19. ISSN 2240-4929

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Aim: Vertebral manipulation is a technique commonly used in the treatment of people suffering disorders of the vertebral column. Recently this form of treatment has received increasing attention from authors and researchers in the field of manual therapy. As these techniques become more widely used, it is important that clinicians treating the cervical spine know how to administer them appropriately. Publications must contain accurate descriptions of the technical details of these techniques and criteria for their use if they are to assist clinicians. The aims of this paper were to scrutinize the description of the cervical manipulative techniques in clinical trails and to propose a set of elements to describe these techniques. Methods: A systematic review of the literature was conducted searching the major databases. All studies that included cervical manipulation in the treatment of neck pain, cervicogenic headache and cervical radiculopathy were included. An evaluation matrix including 8 items has been used to scrutinize the cervical manipulative techniques included in the studies. Results: Thirty-two studies fulfilled the inclusion criteria and were reviewed. According to our evaluation matrix only 5 articles provide detailed information about the manipulation technique applied in the studies. Conclusion: The level of details provided by the authors is still not satisfactory. Journals publishing articles in the field of manipulative therapy should impose higher standards on authors with regard to description of techniques.

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