Opportunities and threats in a reform process

Berger, Emanuele and Crescentini, Alberto (2010) Opportunities and threats in a reform process. In: "Social Entrepreneurship Democratic Participation and Educational Research" II International Congress of Educational Research, 29 april- 2 may 2010 , Antalya.

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Inside Italian-speaking Switzerland is currently underway a reform process of the secondary school system. Since three years we start an analysis of the process using a multi focus research design. Firstly we collect and analyze all the public documents on the reform and some interviews with privileged witnesses. We use a codification system that take in account at the same time bottom up and top-down system. During our presentation we expose also the way of working on the reliability problems using software. Secondly we use the analysis grid to carry out four case studies in four schools choose to represent out school system. We expose during the presentation how the case studies have been conducted and the main results of this works. The third parts of the research consist in a return to the system using a questionnaire administered to all the participant of the school system. This last part has not been conducted yet. Analysis helps in refinement of our theoretical frame and in producing a detection and analysis grid to study our educational institutions and school system. Import investigating models from different contexts (institutional, national or cultural) may be problematical for the evaluation of real weight of each dimension in the phenomenon so we expose in which ways we use the field data to intervene on our theoretical frame.

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