Effect of compression stockings on physical endurance during a submaximal treadmill test

Cabri, Jan and Caldonazzi, Stephan and Clijsen, Ron (2010) Effect of compression stockings on physical endurance during a submaximal treadmill test. Sportverletzungen und Sportschaden, 24 (4). pp. 179-183.

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Background: The purpose of this study was to determine the eff ects of under-knee compression stockings of two diff erent brands on sub maximal running performance in men runners. Methods: Using a within-group study design, 6 moderately trained healthy athletes (31.0 ± 6.8 years) without lower-leg abnormities were randomly assigned to perform a treadmill test over 5 km at 85 % of their individual personal best time over 5000 m of the last season with two different stockings (Nike, SKINS) and without any stocking (Control). Every subject had to perform the same running test at their own same running speed on three different testing days at the same day time at each day. Between every testing moment, participants added up 48 hours of recovery in daily routine. For every subject, first test was performed without stockings. The sequence of the following two performances was randomly selected. After standardised warm-up protocol, baseline lactate values (mmol · L-1) and heart rate (bpm) were determined. Additionally heart rate and perceived exertion were observed every 1000 m. Lactate at end and after 2 min recovery, heart rate after 30 sec, 60 sec and 120 sec of recovery, were also measured. Results: No statistically signifi cant diff erences were found for heart rate, except heart frequency at 1 km (162.67 ± 5.85 (Control) vs. 159.33 ± 5.78 (NIKE) and 159.67 ± 8.57 (SKINS); p < 0.05 [p = 0.032]), blood lactate and BORG scale. Humidity (%) (37.73 ± 0.69 [Control] vs. 37.50 ± 0.67 [NIKE] and 37.02 ± 0.86 [SKINS]). Conclusion: No changes in heart rate, lactate values and perceived exertion were noted when wearing compression stockings.

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