Mobile Learning and Augmented Reality: New Learning Opportunities

Catenazzi, Nadia and Sommaruga, Lorenzo (2013) Mobile Learning and Augmented Reality: New Learning Opportunities. In: Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities for Education in Modern Society. Mykolas Romeris University Publishing, Vilnius, pp. 9-13. ISBN 2335-738X ONLINE

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The ability to learn anywhere and at anytime is the most peculiar feature of mobile learning. A number of factors, mainly concerning the availability of contents, technologies and people interested in buying and using mobile devices, have fostered its diffusion in the last years. In mobile learning the learner takes advantage of the opportunities offered by hand held devices such as location based tools, mobile content creation mechanisms and augmented reality (AR). This paper focuses on the use of AR in mobile learning and presents some applications in the context of discovery based learning, where AR can provide an added-value as it increases the contextual information available at a specific place and time. The use of AR in mobile learning therefore implies a shift from the mobile learning paradigm “learning anywhere at any time” to the new paradigm “learning in place and in time”. While the potential of AR in mobile learning is evident mainly in terms of user‘s engagement and participation, this field of research is still in its infancy and the technology is evolving. However, the premises are good to be able to foresee an increasing diffusion of this learning approach in the future.

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