Supporting Language Learners by Intelligent and Efficient Use of Technology

Knapp, Judith and Pedrazzini, Sandro and ten Hacken, Pius (2004) Supporting Language Learners by Intelligent and Efficient Use of Technology. In: Proceedings of ALLC/ACH ALLC/ACH 2004, 2004, Gothenburg.

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Nowadays language learning systems beyond hypermedia technologies increasingly adopt Computational Linguistics technologies, network technologies and Artificial Intelligence to improve the learning process. However, although such technologies are thought to be very useful to support authentic language learning environments and to simulate real communication situations a certain neglect of such systems is lamented, even within the research community. One reason is that specific knowledge out of different disciplines is necessary to provide an innovative language learning system. This development process can be made more efficient, if methods are found to join independently developed mature products to a single learning environment. In this article we will present two interdisciplinary research projects out of the domain of lexicography, which are both ready to be integrated within other e-learning resources. Word Manager (WM) is a reusable lexical database that provides information about inflection, word formation and orthography. ELDIT is a web-based educational system for learners of the German and Italian languages. Both systems can be integrated into other learning environments as well as extended by new modules by themselves. The collaboration between ELDIT and WM has shown that these advantages can also be realized in practice. Joining the two products efficiently supported the creation of an innovative language learning environment.

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