Strain Rate Sensitivity of Die Steel under Compressive Loads

Singh, Nilamber Kumar and Singha, Maloy Kumar and Cadoni, Ezio and Gupta, Narinder Kumar (2012) Strain Rate Sensitivity of Die Steel under Compressive Loads. Advanced Materials Research, 585. pp. 412-416.

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An experimental investigation on the strain rate sensitivity of die steel (D3) has been presented in this paper at different rates (0.001-2500s-1) of uni-axial compression. Quasi-static tests (0.001s-1) of the material are conducted on universal testing machine (UTM), whereas, the experiments at high strain rates are performed on split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) apparatus. The effects of gauge length of the specimen on the material properties of the material are studied at different strain rates. The material parameters of existing Cowper-Symonds and Johnson-Cook material models are determined and the suitability of the models is examined.

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