The value of science and technology parks: a socio-organisational perspective

Blazquez, Victor and Aguado, Ricardo and Biffi, Alfredo (2023) The value of science and technology parks: a socio-organisational perspective. In: 62nd ERSA Congress, 28 August - 01 September 2023, Alicante (Spain).

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In recent decades, science and technology parks (STPs) have been contributing to regional development. Different metrics and methods of measuring have been proposed to calculate this positive contribution. In this study, we propose a methodology to calculate the social value generated by organizations towards STPs. With the collaboration of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), we create an initial pool (community) of fourteen STPs who are interested in the topic of social value analysis to test this methodology. We obtain preliminary results of the social value generated by fourteen European STPs for each of the relevant STP stakeholders, thus deriving summary values and indicators useful to the comparison. This methodology allows us to present the social value predominantly using secondary data, which is available in open sources of information. In addition, we focus on three Italian STPs based in the region of Lombardy, to explore how organisational conditions in the STP management institutions can condition the results in terms of the social value achieved by STPs. For explaining the performance of the STPs we are interested in analyse in depth the origin of these performance: at the end of the presentation and discussion of the social and economic state of the Italian parks, we suppose that one of performance source could be the governance and management systems of the STPs. In a socio-organizational context we propose a starting model to analyse these variables as one of the possible perspectives in progression of our research.

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