Deliberation/Climate Justice

Palma, Marco (2024) Deliberation/Climate Justice. In: Borsari, Andrea and Trentin, Annalisa and Ascari, Pierpaolo, (eds.) TEMPORARY: Citizenship, Architecture and City. Springer, pp. 167-170.

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Representative democracy faces a crisis, and the capitalist economic system has not been able to guarantee the communitarian interest. Deliberative processes could contribute to enhancing democracy and tackling inequality, also through new approaches more linked to the concept of common goods. However, deliberative tools might also introduce new inequalities between people living in different places, making citizenship a temporary and/or more territorially defined right. Climate change is transforming the scenario in which social relations are developed, widening the rift created by inequality. Citizenship is indissolubly linked to national borders, but the consequences of global warming lead us to criticise the capacity of citizenship to guarantee an inclusive answer to the increasing risks related to the climate crisis.

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