Dynamic behaviour of reinforcing steel bars in tension

Cadoni, Ezio and Dotta, Matteo and Forni, Daniele and Tesio, Nicoletta (2011) Dynamic behaviour of reinforcing steel bars in tension. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 82. pp. 86-91.

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In this paper the preliminary results of the tensile behavior of reinforced steel in a large range of strain rates are presented. Tensile testing at several strain rates, using different experimental set-ups, was carried out. For the quasi-static tests a universal electromechanical testing machine with the maximum load-bearing capacity of 50 kN was used, while for the intermediate and high-strain rate regimes a hydro-pneumatic apparatus and a JRC-Split Hopkinson Tensile Bar respectively were used. The target strain rates were set at the following five levels: 10-3, 30, 250, 500, and 1000 1/s. The specimens used in this research were round samples having 3mm in diameter and 5mm of gauge length obtained from reinforcing bars. Finally, the material parameters for Cowper-Symonds and Johnson-Cook models were determined.

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